Separations are always difficult. Even if the guy with whom you end the relationship is the most normal guy you’ve ever done, it’s still shit.

It will end a great period of life, and especially if you leave, it can be hard to come to grips with it.

Just like any other important change in your life, it takes getting used to.

But if the guy who separates you is an abusive narcissist, things are even worse and more devastating.

A narcissist makes it easy for anyone. He has to have full control over whatever you happen to be at the end of the receiving side of his evil intentions.

As already mentioned, narcissists can not cope with the loss of control.

And the moment you realize you have lost even the slightest advantage, you will resort to drastic measures.

If he senses that you are trying to end it or if you start defending yourself, he will make sure he finishes it first.

And not in a friendly way. It will run after its devilish plans and it will damn hurt.

If you feel that a narcissist is about to leave you, be prepared for one of the following 4 scenarios.

Here are his most common ways to tell you that he’s done with you. Be warned!

1. He already has a back-up relationship and will leave you suddenly and without explanation


If a narcissist is sure that he will finish it with you, he will make sure that another partner is already waiting.

He always has options to keep clear if things go wrong. And in this case there is no warning and explanations.

His mood will be quite unpredictable, he will be very irritable and nasty to you.

Keep in mind that narcissists do not have the ability to feel shame and regret, so it really will not make any difference to him if you make a scene.

He will leave you without any justification and make sure that you know there is already another who has replaced you.

And that will be the end of your narcissist and you. It will all end as unexpectedly as it started.

2. He will portray you as a villain by verbally abusing you and blaming you for all the blame


His plan will be so devilish and devious that you will not know what has happened.

First, it will cause little inconvenience, so you look really crappy.

He will see to it that you know how bad his opinion is about you, and he will not speak his words down.

Then he will drive you crazy by doing things that he knows you do not like, and in that way he will at least drive you a little crazy and he will use you against you.

He’ll make you look insane, unstable, and a bad friend, and he’ll pretend to be a poor guy who has fallen into your web of lies and deception.

You will not even understand how he does it, and he’ll be gone long after he reaches his destination.

You’ll feel you’ve done something wrong, but the only thing that really happened was that he manipulated the shit out of you and walked with your head up. Just as he always planned.

3. He will give his affection and withhold it to the point of chasing you away


His emotions (the ones he pretends to be) will be omnipresent.

One day he will worship you and shower you with love and the next day he will be angry with the crumbs you left on the kitchen floor.

You will not know what to do about it, as its behavior will escalate drastically and the smallest things will drive it to white heat.

And that’s exactly what he wants you to think. He will make you do all the work for him, portraying you as a madman and making you finish everything as if it were just your idea.

This will be an extremely toxic atmosphere and you will not be able to endure it for long.

As he thrives in her, you just have to put an end to her and off you go. Just like that, it’s over and he did not have to push.

You did it for him.

4. He will use your body as a weapon to demoralize you


Closeness will become a powerful weapon in his arsenal. He will use it against you wherever he can.

And if you have a good romantic life, it will be especially difficult.

He will deny you love when he sees that you are romantic. And when he realizes that you are too tired, he will ask you if you feel like it (although he knows you do not).

He will make you implore him to have romance with you that you never would have thought.

But his behavior will leave you no choice. He may be a toxic breath waste, but he can get it safely in bed.

And damn, you want it one last time. And that’s how he’ll get you.

Your ego will suffer a big blow each time it says no, and it will enjoy every second of it.

And when he’s done with his fun, he’ll end it with you, and you’ll struggle with the consequences of his behavior.

And it will be shit. Extremely shit.

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