4 Brutally Free Reasons For Which He Takes You For Acquired


Being taken for granted is one of the most humiliating and painful things that can be lived. It is particularly difficult if your companion treats you this way.

This is exactly the situation you are in right now.

Deep in you, you know that your boyfriend or your husband is convinced that there is nothing he can do that would make you stop loving him.

You see that he is enjoying your good heart. You see that he appreciates your presence just because he likes to have someone who loves him so much.

And you know very well that you are at the bottom of his list of priorities.

However, why does this happen in the first place? How can anyone know that the other person is an ideal victim for this kind of behavior?

To be more concrete, why does your boyfriend take you for granted? Why is he using you, when it’s the last thing a girl like you deserves?

1. Because he can

The first reason someone could treat you as he does is actually quite simple.

You allow him to behave so and he does not even realize his actions.

And your boyfriend is probably not an exception. Even if I do not pretend that all this is your fault (after all, it’s him who hurts you emotionally without thinking about the consequences), maybe it’s time to think and ask yourself if it’s you who allowed him to do that.

Let things be clear. If a guy is an asshole, he will probably try to hide his bad personality traits at first and start revealing them over time.

That means your boyfriend has not been a bastard since the beginning. No, it has become gradually, with small things at the beginning that have grown with time. And that’s why he got away every time.

After a while, he realized that you were giving him the green light for his behavior.

He noticed that he does not need to thank you for anything and that you will always be there for him, so he continued to take you more and more for granted.

2. He does not care about you

I hate to be the one to burst your little bubble, but here’s the hardest and most true truth: if a guy takes you for granted he probably does it because he does not care about you.

At least, not enough to think about your emotions and be careful not to break your heart.

He may like you enough to spend time with you, but he does not care if he will hurt you emotionally.

He does not care if you feel underrated or hurt. This guy is obviously a selfish moron who thinks only of his own needs and could never put you first, despite all that you have done for him.

Remember one thing: If a man treats you like he does not care, you’d better start believing it’s really like that.

Besides, what better proof than his indifference?

3. You are too nice

And yes, it exists, we can be too nice, too nice or too loving.

You are a girl who gives herself completely to the man who can never return the favor and that is exactly why you feel taken for granted.

You give yourself too much and you try too hard for someone who does not deserve it.

In addition, you never get angry. Even when you notice his misdeeds, you forgive him easily and he knows he’ll always get away with it.

So why would he bother to change his habits?

Therefore, the man with whom you are is not afraid of losing you. He knows that you will stay, despite what he can do, because you have convinced him of your love and have shown him your feelings.

It is therefore easier for him to stay put and appreciate the attention he receives from you than to continue to conquer you.

4. You do not know how to say ” no “

If you are taken for granted, your biggest problem is probably the fact that you do not know how to say ‘ no ‘.

You have a hard time setting boundaries and people, including your boyfriend, benefit.

You are someone who is always available and ready to do whatever it takes to please the person you love.

You are always there when he needs a service, a shoulder to cry or company, whereas in his eyes, you are far from being his priority.

To be simple, you are a pro when it comes to giving second chances and accepting false excuses.

Even when at the bottom of you you know very well that this person will never change and deserve a place in your life, you always go against your own principles.

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