To break with someone is always difficult. Even when it comes to the most normal guy, it still sucks.

Comes the end of a big part of your life, and especially if it is you that we leave, it can be difficult to accept.

Like any other big change in your life, you have to get used to it.

But when the guy who breaks up with you is a narcissistic pervert, things are even more confused and destructive.

A narcissist never makes anything easy. It is he who needs to have all the control, so whatever happens, you will end up being the victim of his vicious intentions.

As I mentioned above, narcissists can not bear not having control.

And as soon as they feel that they are losing their hold on you, they will resort to drastic measures.

If he feels that you are trying to stop things or have begun to challenge him, he will want to make sure he is the first to do it.

And not in a friendly way. It will be according to his sneaky plans and it will hurt like anything.

If you have the impression that your narcissist is preparing to dump you, be ready for one of the following 4 scenarios.

Here are his most common ways to let you know he’s done with you. Consider this as a warning!

1. He already has a reserve set up and he will leave you suddenly, without any explanation

When a narcissist is certain that he will finish things with you, he makes sure to have another bed partner already in place.

He must always have options in case things go wrong. And in this case you will have no warning and no explanation.

His mood will suddenly become unpredictable, he will be very irritable and he will have an unpleasant attitude with you.

Remember that narcissists do not have the ability to feel shame and regret, so whether you make it a scene or not will not make a difference.

He will leave you without excuses and make sure that you know that he already has another girl who will replace you.

And that will be the end between your narcissist and you. Your relationship will end as abruptly as it began.

2. It will make you look bad by verbally abusing you and making you carry all the responsibility on your back

His plan will be so devious that you will not know what hit you. First, it will cause minor inconvenience to make you look really crappy.

He will make sure you know how bad he thinks you are and he will not choose his words.

Then he will push you to the end by doing things he knows you do not just like to drive you crazy and use it against you.

He will make you look like a crazy, unstable bad girlfriend and he will pretend to be a poor guy who has fallen into your web of lies and deception.

You will not even understand how he’s doing that he’s already gone, having achieved his goal.

You’ll feel like you’ve done something wrong, whereas what really happened is that he manipulated you and went out of his head. As he had planned to do since the beginning.

3. It will play hot and cold to the point of chasing you

His emotions (those he claims to have) will spill over from everywhere.

One day, he will adore you and cover you with love and the next day he will be furious because of the crumbs you left in the kitchen.

You will not know what to do, because his behavior will get worse and the smallest details will push him to the end.

The atmosphere will be extremely toxic and you will not be able to bear it for a long time. While it will flourish, you will have to put an end to it and then that’s it.

So, it will be over and he will not have to press the trigger. You will have done it for him.

4. He will use romance as a tool to demoralize you

S*x will become a powerful weapon in its arsenal. He will use it against you in every possible way. And if your s*x life is fulfilled, it will be particularly difficult.

He will refuse you s*x when he sees that you really want him.

And when he notices that you are too tired to function, he will ask you if you are in the mood (knowing that you are NOT in the mood).

He will urge you to beg him to sleep with you, something you never thought of doing.

But his behavior will not leave you the choice. Although he is a toxic waste of time, he knows how to give you pleasure.

And damn it, you’ll want one last time. And that’s how he will attack you.

Your ego will take a big hit every time he says “No” and he will use it every second.

And once he’s finished having fun, he’ll finish with you, leaving you with the consequences of his actions. And that will fear. Deeply.

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