4 behaviors that show you that he only needs you to forget his ex.

When you meet a man who has recently come from a long relationship, you can not help but be scared. Will he compare you to her? Will you ever get a place in his heart? And most importantly, maybe you’re just there for him to forget his ex?

Let’s face it, the last thing you want is to be that woman for a man who just wants to comfort you. You do not want to be the woman who suits him just to make his ex jealous or easier to get over them.

In this article, you can read about what behaviors are typical for men who want to forget their ex. If your current partner shows you the following behaviors, then you should part with him before he separates.


When a man starts a relationship with the first woman he meets after being separated, it is more than normal for him to lose faith in love. After all, he has just been through a longer relationship and may still be disappointed and hurt. And he will try to convince you that true love is no more.

No matter how much he tries to hide his disappointment about his last relationship, he will not be able to hide his negative views about love from you. And this should be a warning sign for you.

He sees the future of your relationship negative and he believes that you both will not make it because his ex has taken away his belief in true love. He believes in himself that he is no longer able to love properly or that someone can love him, and he clearly shows that to you.

Maybe he does not obviously tell you, but if you’re smart, you’ll see between the lines, for example, about love or about partnership in general, he’ll hide it under the guise of sarcasm.

If this is true of your partner, then you may be just a substitute to get over his ex.


Another telltale sign that you’re just a comfort to him is the fact that he jumps from one relationship to another.

It does not have to mean that he is unfaithful, but if he has had some shorter relationships since leaving his ex, and many irrelevant dates, then it’s time for you to question that. You should then really ask yourself if you are for the “One” or just another station where he makes a short stop.

It is quite possible that he is only doing this to distract himself, which would not be bad if he does not hope for the women he starts with. But it could also be a kind of tactic for him to make his ex jealous, as you’ll see if he spreads the relationship with you relatively quickly, hoping his ex would catch it sooner.

And what can you expect from such a man? Why do you believe him when he tells you that you are different from the other women in front of you with whom he has already tried to comfort himself in order to get over his ex.


If you meet a man who shows from the first day how crazy he is for you, then at first you might think that you have cracked the jackpot in terms of the male world. But you should not be fooled by it.

He takes you quickly into his life, he introduces you to all his friends and shows you everything and everyone who is important in his life. And then you may even believe that after all the idiots in your life, a real man has finally entered your life, one who plays no games and does not leave you in the dark.

Finally a man who knows what he wants and who has no problems with showing you his feelings. The truth is, things are not what they seem at first sight. This behavior is often only camouflage for the real ulterior motives of him.

Call it paranoid, but is not it strange that the man you just met, showering so much love on you, and wanting to tell the world right away that you’re both together?

Is not it perhaps that he just wants to make his ex jealous? Or he is so over-excited and over-expresses emotions because he lies to himself, telling himself he is over his ex and that he is ready for you.

In addition, in this case, there is still the possibility that he still has not accepted the separation from his ex and tries to continue where he left off with his ex and there you come to him just right. He does not really see you, but still his ex and therefore he shows so many emotions and is so hasty.


Whatever the alarming indication that he needs you to console himself, he is emotionally unreachable from the beginning.

Does he always withdraw quickly when the subject of emotions / love comes up? Does he close himself when the topic of responsibility comes to the table? Then this is a sure sign that he may have a trauma that he has not processed yet, even if he is unaware of it.

This man was very hurt and ready to do anything to save his heart from being hurt again. He has decided to be emotionally unreachable and no longer give anyone the power to hurt him.

Maybe he has never really overcome the separation from his ex and what has been done to him is still in him somewhere and that should make you understand that you can not save this man. And that you should go before you need a rescue afterwards.

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