3 Zodiac Signs Will Risk Everything For Love On The New Moon On March 21st, 2023

Risk Everything For Love

3 Zodiac Signs Will Risk Everything For Love On The New Moon On March 21st, 2023

The new moon on March 21, 2023: The moon has always been close to our hearts. It has the greatest influence on us, as we can see from the rising tides. 

During the March New Moon we are in a state of pure potential; what we see before us is what we are striving for, although we have not yet reached the goal.

And during the new moon, we may feel the need to show someone we really are in love with them.

We may have a burning desire to prove our love to someone who may or may not have gotten the news.

It influences our ego and our passion and it gives us the drive to come into our own power.

Some zodiac signs will use this energy to show someone that they are willing to risk anything to be with them. Find out which zodiac signs they are!


For the love of someone in your life, you will sacrifice something because you know they need you.

You know you must take action, and whatever the situation, it requires your input.

Unfortunately, you resent every second of your effort, but the love of your loved one is worth more than your own desires.

To help someone you love, you will give up some things you really wanted.

You know that no matter what the situation, you must act, and it takes a lot of effort.

It may be frustrating at times, but the love of your loved one is priceless and every effort is worth it.

You see the clearing at the end of the tunnel just because the moon showed you the way. While you are ready to face your destiny, you are afraid of the consequences.

Selflessness is not your thing, you prefer to be selfish. You dare to risk a lot for love, but you don’t really want to put it into practice.

During the new moon, you will have a sense of possibility.

You can see your goals clearly and although you are not there yet, you feel like today is the beginning of a brand-new era for you.

Also, you are filled with optimism and hope for the future and feel like you are the moon reaching its full potential.

You’re torn about how you feel about that person. You may feel that he is asking more of you than you are willing to give.

Maybe he asked you to do something that made you uncomfortable and that’s why you refused.

It’s hard to tell if the reason is his or yours. Still, it’s painful to know that you feel more for someone than you can give them.

In the end, you’ll find that you have to take the opportunity to prove how much you really like this person, as you say.

It’s risky, but it’s not possible to achieve victory without taking risks.


You’re willing to risk it all because you’ve gambled your luck before and you know what it means.

Now you have the courage to stand up for someone – again. It could be the one who becomes the love of your life.

You held up your freedom to be as self-determined as possible.

You cannot reject this person because they depend on you.

The new moon brings a heavy burden, but it also awakens the warrior in you who is ready to stand up for another, even when the task is difficult.

You are ready to face the challenge and give everything to solve the emergency.

Now you will do whatever it takes to show your support. You are willing to push your personal limit to help that person.

Your behavior is a genuine sign of your affection and loyalty. You will do everything in your power to have a positive relationship with this person.

The New Moon reminds you that you have made little effort in the romantic field lately.

If you are brave now and take a risk, you can return to the position of lover and romantic partner.

It’s up to you whether you give up your comfort or have to give up the relationship.

It’s your decision. Don’t be lazy in your love because you will have to face the consequences.


You are full of passion right now and have a sense of love. However, the current situation you find yourself in is far from satisfactory.

Maybe you are in a relationship and you have a tough test to pass: there is a problem and you have to find out what it is.

To fight for that one person means you have to put a lot on the line. But you recognize the importance of what you are doing and you are willing to take any opportunity to get to it.

So you show your will, your tenacity, and your courage. It’s a difficult task, but you know you’re right and you want to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

Track your decisions and move forward with them.

During the New Moon, you may feel like you’re finally ready to take it a step further.

You’re used to going your own way; In fact, you love to connect romantically, but you’ve never considered yourself as someone to get married to.

But now you may feel like you’re ready to change your loner status and move into a more serious relationship.

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