Since it’s not your zodiac season, you are certainly still feeling the heat! Part of this is from the Moon moving through your sign shortly after being exactly the Full Moon, but another is Mars, your ruling planet, moving through Libra, your opposition sign.
This means that while you will have easier or more positive days here or there, you are in a time of immense possibilities and growth. You are almost shown both sides of a decision process; this is what will happen if you take the first step of change and it is what will happen if you do not.
While neither is really good or bad, it’s up to you to think about what you’re actually creating and working on during this time. If you need to find excuses because you are still afraid, then assume this path, but also admit the truth to yourself that just because you are afraid, the option of another path does not disappear. .
For a sign that seems to be known for its decisive action, you’ve been feeling just the opposite lately. Part of this is that Mars in Libra forces you to look at every aspect of the situation, but there is a balance between doing so and still valuing your own feelings or trying to ignore them altogether.
Today, think about the stories you tell yourself and why. Because it’s clear now that just because you don’t want something to be true doesn’t mean it isn’t.


I feel like it’s been hard to get through the last few weeks and not detach emotionally from life. Sometimes it’s a healthy coping strategy to emotionally withdraw so that we don’t take things personally or too seriously, but in doing this we sometimes forget what it was like to feel, or even not to. to be sad.
There has been a lot of mourning recently; not only mourn the recent heartbreaking events, but also realize that the life you thought you were living was never real. It might have been what you needed at one point, but now looking at it there’s just a complete lack of authenticity within it.
It even caused sadness. It’s okay to wonder how you got here, what decision ultimately opened the door for you on this path, but no matter how you feel now that you look back, it’s a decision you had to make.
Practice writing what you are grateful for in the chapter that is now ending. Whether it’s lessons of personal growth, children, experiences, or even a friendship, being able to bring gratitude to a pain that helps us heal. It’s not that we are grateful for the pain, but instead we show ourselves that even though the pain is only temporary, the lesson is something we can take with us forever. Everything we go through can make us bitter or better; it’s your choice today.


While there aren’t too many water placements right now, having Neptune in Pisces quintile the north node all week is incredibly confusing for you. It makes you rethink everything you’ve done so far, especially how you’ve categorized your feelings and even your relationships.
Both in past and present situations. There are so many qualities that you represent as an earth healer, but one that is often triggered by water signs, especially Pisces being your opposition, is that sometimes in an effort to give a sense to our feelings, we do not validate them.
This means that you ignore how you feel about your own or downplay it by saying that you are okay when in reality you don’t really love yourself in these times because you are not crying. what you’ve been through. Today will bring awareness that there is no minimization.
You will probably feel like there is a great grief ahead and while it could be because of a romantic relationship ending, it could also be a residual pain that you never let yourself be healed.
First, think about where this came from so you don’t sabotage a current relationship, but then just give yourself space to have that breakup that you say you never have time for.


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