You will feel particularly intuitive during Moon Conjunct Uranus, which will open the door to new thoughts for you.
Suddenly you may have the idea that you could do better – in your relationship. Thinking like this can snowball you; one minute you’re considering breaking up as an option, and the next minute you’re at the door.
And why? Because you feel that you haven’t done certain things that you know are necessary for your well-being, and in the relationship you are in now, you don’t believe that you can achieve these things.
You are not the type to go beyond your visit, and that is exactly how you can come to perceive the relationship you are in now: something that you have visited and must now leave.
You need and crave your freedom; you want the wind in your hair and the wide road in front of you. And – you want it alone.
It’s for you, alone – it has nothing to do with your happiness in love, and everything to do with your need for exploration and independence. It’s your moment of escape, and it’s up to you to stay … or go


One of the main reasons you might want to break up, even though you’re probably deeply involved with another person, is that you feel creatively engulfed in yourself.
Although you love your partner very much, you’ve let the relationship soak up all of your energy, leaving you with only dedication for romance and very little for anything else. You have to get back to creating; you have suffered, and all because you are too nice to say anything about it.
It’s you, Libra – sweet and kind, but always end up hurting yourself so that others don’t make the mistake of seeing you as selfish.
And yet, you want this selfish situation; you want to create, write, make art, explore science – anyway, you haven’t been part of the great love of your life for so long, and that “great love” is not one person. It’s a mean.
It is you who are involved, all by yourself, in your own thing, your own universe. You crave it like nothing else, and this transit is going to wake you up so hard that you might just make your way to the door.


As much as you love the routine and the “laws” of a relationship, you can’t stay too long in one place … even if that place is someone you love, trust, and have built a relationship with. life.
You don’t want to hurt yourself, but you ended up sacrificing your entire life for that person… much to your chagrin.
You don’t like the person you’ve become, and it’s all because you’ve compromised too much – for them. Are they worth it?
Of course they are, and love is as real as it gets… yet it doesn’t give you that last little ingredient: freedom. And freedom is worth fighting for.
In fact, it’s now or never – if you don’t break free and sacrifice love for independence, you might find yourself stuck and in a rut, where you won’t blame your partner for it. rest of your life.
Yes, you dig into the status quo, but if the norm is one where you have to suffer just to keep another person happy, then it’s really not worth investing your time.
You, Capricorn, during the Conjunct Moon with Uranus in Taurus, will feel the need to run away from your relationship so that you can finally find your own happiness.


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