When you are challenged and feel the pressure, you do one of two things: either you accept the challenge and make sure you go too far in your response, or you rebel because you secretly think that you cannot accomplish what has been asked of you. of you.
This week will bring you such a challenge, and it’s going to be great. You will be impressed that you have been entrusted with such a task; your ego will flare up because you will believe that you must be special to be given such a responsibility.
However, you will not be able to accomplish this, and it will humble you. Rather than being foolish, you will rebel by ruining it.
And you will do it with childlike words and gestures. You’d rather they see you as a rebel than a failure, but Leo, you forget — they already see you as a winner. Why put anything else on their minds?


You will take action this week because you are outraged and frustrated with so much in your life that you will distract yourself by lying to yourself.
You’ll be playing the role of the happy person all week, and you’ll be doing it just because you can’t look yourself in the face.
Life just didn’t go as planned, but you made no effort to come up with a plan. When the reasons for your disappointment become clear, you’ll realize that it was you who wasted your time, and it’s something you just can’t handle or watch. This week is tough for you because you will see other people in your life having fun and experiencing the kind of fun that you wish you had created for yourself and have yet to. Jealousy will make you cold and defensive this week, and everything will be filtered through the gauze of that jealousy.


For you, Aquarius, the week is nothing you can’t handle. There will be challenges at work and at home, and those at home will really push you against the wall. It seems like every time you have a second to yourself, there’s someone crying out for attention.
And it happens all week. But it’s not just about having your personal time stolen. These are the type of demands that grow in your space.
It’s like everyone around you has developed a new kind of mega-ego, and all they want to do is talk, talk, talk about themselves.
No one even asks if you’re interested or even listening. They just gossip and clutter your mind with their nonsensical complaints and grievances. You feel like the DMV this week. It’s all the fluorescent lights and angry people that get on your nerves.


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