We all have friends who would do anything for us but who never ask for anything in return.

The point is not that they lead a life devoid of drama and have absolutely no support, but that they are too proud, too ashamed, or perhaps too sensitive to seek help.

So what does astrology say about which zodiac signs are most likely to be your own emergency contact?

Here’s our take on why these three zodiac signs rarely ask for help.

3. Virgo

When you’re in trouble, your Virgo friend is always there.

Looking for a job? She calls you with business contacts all day.

Looking for an apartment? In the middle of the night she sends you an Excel spreadsheet with her top selection sorted by price and school district.

Do you feel lonely? She plans to pair you up with her hot but shy ex-colleague who just moved back to town.

If you need help, a Virgo will move a mountain to get to you and then say, “Oh, that was nothing!”

But what if the practical, hard-working earth sign needs help itself? Radio silence.

It’s not that the Virgos don’t appreciate your offer, it’s just that they prefer to do it their own way.

So the next time you see your Virgo girlfriend fighting, ask her to explain the game plan to you and give you a role in solving it.

2. Fish

Pisces are the emotional sponges of the zodiac. Extremely sensitive and intuitive, they can’t help but make other people’s problems their own.

And while the Virgo shows support by asserting her own opinion, Pisces follow the example of others.

And although their friendliness is exploited again and again, they show themselves to be empathetic heroes every time.

When a fish needs help, they tend to wait until things are completely out of control – like a wriggling fish swimming in the wrong direction upstream – and then open their mouths.

The Pisces inability to reach out can lead to unnecessary disaster-level drama and ultimately leads to the Pisces-born feeling abandoned.

The next time you dump all of your fears, fears, and worries on your Pisces friend, stop and ask him how he is doing.

Pisces sometimes forget about themselves, so remind them that they are allowed to have a tough day.

1. Aquarius

Nobody seems as cool and focused as an Aquarius.

While they’re always happy to be invited to a party, this air sign prefers to hang on the edge and watch rather than partake in the drama.

And while you may have received some of the best advice of your life from a loyal Aquarius friend, when in trouble, Aquarius friends prefer to disappear rather than reach out.

While it may seem like they are aloof or just too proud of them, the reality is that Aquarians are super sensitive.

When they go through something, they go through it, and only a select few are allowed to see them in such a vulnerable state.

If your Aquarius friend or colleague has been quiet lately, send him or her a message to see if he or she is okay.

Even if she leaves you at the reading desk for the next three weeks, she might eventually get the message that you are someone they can trust.


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