While there have been a few tough days recently, with the Moon becoming your sign, things are starting to improve.
This is because it has an anchoring effect on your emotional home and you are more able to see how you really feel about things compared to any triggers you might be going through.
Don’t feel like you have to rush to make sense of this energy or use it to your advantage. After recent events, it’s okay to allow yourself to rest, be happy with take out food and hugs.
While there are moments of clarity to come, they will not be painful hammers to the heart, but rather to realize that where you are is exactly where you are meant to be and to make the promise to create more. time and space for just that.
While we’re all so focused on travel, personal work, learning and unlearning, what we often forget is that rest has to be a part of it too.
If we are only watching, listening or reading self-help material at any level all the time, we cannot be ourselves.
Let yourself be human today. Call a mental health day to work and head out to enjoy the early fall weather.
Find your joy and trust that in these times you will realize that you may have already left your comfort zone.


Breathe deeply. Let your shoulders relax. Let your mouth relax and your tongue soften. Now take another, more slowly. This softening of your breath and your body is your theme today. Take the time to breathe.
Take the time to take a break, relax, loosen your jaw, lower your shoulders, and open your hips.
You have been in a whirlwind of activity lately with some beautiful and intense days and as the toughest days quickly approach, today all you need to do is just breathe.
While you can’t ignore the responsibilities of the day, you can be more mindful of the energy you give it.
Only go at your own pace, take the breaks you never take, walk outside barefoot to lunch, use the time you have to embrace life at a slower pace today.

Even if you move more slowly today, doing an activity like walking or cycling will help you shift the erratic energy that you had in your body last week.
As you allow yourself to slow down, notice how well you take care of other people’s needs compared to your own and then go home because there is a difference in how you feel when you give yourself love too.


Usually you try to make it through fall after celebrating your season to the max, but this year it feels like it’s a little different.
You have recently been challenged in some great areas of personal growth which has opened up a whole new way of looking at the past. But even though you’re known for having fun, you’ve been getting more serious lately.
Part of it was the work and travel you were on, but now is the time to find and enjoy the balance of the two.
We can be both healed and have fun at the same time, we can be at peace while craving adventure. This is the journey to realize that you never had to choose one or the other, but rather could exist in the sweet spot of both.
Friday brings a day for fun. A chance to reconnect with a part of yourself that didn’t know how it could come out now that you’ve recently evolved and changed.
Make sure to include others in the action, especially if there are old friends you’ve been thinking about recently. Our tribe will always grow and evolve like us, but having friends from when we were a different version of ourselves is good too.
Take the time today to reconnect, have fun, laugh and enjoy life. There is always tomorrow for more work or introspection, today it suffices to be simply.


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