3 Zodiac Signs Get An Unexpected Visit From An Ex-lover In Winter 2021

3 Zodiac Signs Get An Unexpected Visit From An Ex-lover In Winter 2021

During this time of year, someone from the past might be trying to re-enter your life. Who will get an unexpected visit from an ex-lover in the next few weeks?

This is a hot time of love for three zodiac signs: Taurus, Gemini, and Virgo. The changes in the cosmos could be the reason your ex is coming back to reconnect with you, asking for forgiveness, or clearing a heartache ready to heal.

The chances that the ex-partner will return are high for these three zodiac signs. He might come to town to visit – maybe it means something good, maybe it means something bad. And he’ll likely text you out of nowhere asking how you are.

It’s your ex, someone you once knew very, very well. And you have to decide whether you want to let him back into your life or not.

These 3 zodiac signs will have an ex-comeback this winter:

1. Taurus

Not only will you feel strong, but you will also feel exceptionally attractive. That sounds great, but that kind of attractiveness is like a magnet; it attracts everything, and that means the good, the bad, the ugly – and the past.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next few weeks because your ex could step back into your life. What looks like an innocent adventure can end in a reunion with someone you just happened to meet – someone who wants to get back into your life. The truth is, he misses you and probably can’t live without you – at least he’s really having a hard time.

And he may not be exactly the kind of person you want in your circle. He is an old flame of yours and you have definitely overcome him long ago and have almost forgotten him. You’re over him, but he’s not yet.

If you are able to access your communication skills (and you will), you will nip any incident in the bud by saying what you think right at the start of this not-so-welcome reunion.

Remember who you are Taurus. You fought hard to get where you are; you don’t have to be dragged down again by someone in your past who was never and never will be good for you. Open your eyes!

2. Gemini

You will now feel the power of what it is like to get closer to your own zodiac sign. So you are dealing with the emergence of your own personal power mixed in with the current astrological state that is bringing your ex back into your current life.

The cosmos can be really persistent, and when it comes to love. And he’s going to shake things up this week by bringing your attention to an old lover. Just when you thought you had overcome all of this forever – something unexpected comes. All of a sudden, your ex is back in your life and wants to talk.

It might not be a bad idea to talk to him about a thing or two. He might really have changed this time, even if you had given up hope. It may be that you will be in contact with him again in the next few weeks and that you are doing exactly what you didn’t want to do, with someone you never wanted to have anything to do with again. 

But you just can’t help it because you are a confident person. And to be honest, you missed him a little too. Interestingly, through this experience, you will be able to fully return to your good old self. And you could open the door to a whole new relationship.

3. Virgo

The coming weeks will bring to light some great truths about your love life and relationships, which means you will likely hear from a former ex.

You’ll be even more persuasive than you usually are, which means your ex sees a picture of you on social media and can’t get you out of his mind. Because of this, he will be in touch and most likely ask you to meet.

It comes as a surprise to you and could throw you a little off track. This means that everything under the surface rules you, including your dreams, feelings, desires, and even fears. 

You’ve actually written him off because you felt you had to change too much about yourself to get a relationship with him working. But sometimes people really change. It’s important to remember what is most important to you when you want to give him a second chance.

Although on the surface you seem very logical and pragmatic, you are a romantic at heart. One of your biggest lessons, which you always seem to learn, is that love is never logical. So, while someone may look like the perfect partner on paper, it doesn’t mean your heart will personally agree.

But the same is true in other ways and this is likely the type of ex that will return to your life. It may not be the old relationship that you are about to revive, but a new and more engaging relationship with a changed personality. It doesn’t matter what our head says when it comes to love, because only our hearts will know the truth. So listen to your heart!


3 Zodiac Signs Get An Unexpected Visit From An Ex-lover In Winter 2021

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