3 Zodiac Signs Could Turn A Friendship Into A Relationship On The Full Moon On April 16th

3 Zodiac Signs Could Turn A Friendship Into A Relationship On The Full Moon On April 16th

It wouldn’t be shocking to think that there could be someone in our life – maybe a friend who could possibly become a lover. Sometimes the transits have to be just right for that to happen, and with the full moon on April 16th, it looks like the transits may have hit the mark.

If you’ve thought about a particular friend of yours “this way” before, or there have been hints of it, it may be because it’s meant to be. The best romantic relationships start as friendships. In fact, a good friendship with your romantic partner is a surefire way to keep the relationship going.

Sometimes we keep the friendship going simply because we like the suspense; we know there’s something else going on, but we like to tease each other by holding back. 

The full moon inspires and encourages us to take the next step.


This full moon is the type of transit that allows you to feel bold and confident when trying something new. If you’ve been thinking about taking your friendship with someone to the next stage, then this would be a good time to do it.

Because of the balanced nature of this transit, you will see how your best friend reacts to you as you cross the line and step into the romantic world. What you feel is what he feels, and because you both have this exciting prospect on your mind, you will both see the other as more than a friend.

A couple like you could be very explosive, but that doesn’t necessarily mean regular arguments and fights. You both have the potential to get along really well, and the same passion can carry over into your love life. 

Your relationship is full of fun. You both share high energy and a thirst for adventure. Whether you’re going to the gym together or planning your next vacation, you’re always ready for a good time and like to be busy. Basically, you are best friends and on a romantic level, you are best lovers.

Although you are both confident, neither of you has too strong an ego that could complicate the dynamic. As friends-turned-lovers, you’ll know that you need to give each other your space every now and then. You’ll know how to choose your battles and when it’s time to let the other one take charge.


There’s a good chance that you were once lovers with a certain friend of yours and that over time the relationship has morphed into a simple but respectable friendship. This friendship has grown over the years and this person is someone you can now trust.

What suddenly starts to make sense during the full moon is the idea that the two of you really do have a lot in common, plus you’re both single and might be interested in settling down. What went from romance to friendship can find new ground during this transit. If you bring this friendship back to its origins, you will have a whole new experience.

Two people in love like you are bound to be a dramatic, intense affair, but not necessarily in a bad way, of course. You both could be very sensitive. That being said, this sensitivity will give you an intuitive understanding of one another.

Your relationship has enough nuance to bring something fresh to the table. Your strength and determination will take you far as a couple. Especially from the point of view of friends, you two are made for each other. It’s a miracle that you “only” endured it as a friendship for so long. You are on the same page spiritually and philosophically and you can support each other in your artistic endeavors.


You will think a lot about a certain friend of yours on this full moon and how you could turn that friendship into a romance. You are finally honest with yourself: He means a lot to you and you feel more than just friendship for him. This is the first step in the right direction!

You probably think that you are on your own in this regard, that this person is most likely not interested in you “that way,” but this transit works on your courage – and on your nervousness, and you will jump at the chance and ask that special someone if they could imagine something with you.

Yes, it’s a scary step, especially because it might come with a devastating “No, thank you,” but it might also come with a rousing “Yes, please!” Take the chance and find out. Be brave and take the step. Don’t be afraid that doing so will destroy your friendship because the other person wants it just as much as you do. Your bond is too strong for you to ruin it.

Both of you are social and can be the life of the party in your own way. Each understands the need of the other and you will rarely feel jealous. Also, no one will ever feel left out.

The two of you together are like a whirlwind and you have a lot of fun. You are always full of ideas, and you probably already spend a lot of time talking to each other. When the two of you go from friends to lovers, you both have already made sure you’re on the same page. This is a simple connection that feels intentional. It’s meant to be!



3 Zodiac Signs Could Turn A Friendship Into A Relationship On The Full Moon On April 16th

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