Even when it comes to dating, it has long been impossible to avoid taking Corona into account. How to properly customize your dating profile now

Here’s how you should customize your dating profile for the new year 

The pandemic has catapulted not only couples but also singles into a kind of “new relationship climate”. According to experts, people who use dating platforms, in particular, should look at their profile and revise it if necessary.

1. Think about what you want

Sure, you are usually looking for a partner who suits you. But it can be done more precisely. Which character traits are absolute no-gos, which values ​​are a must – you should include these considerations in your profile or state them honestly in the platform’s questionnaire. Kissing frogs is no longer trendy, in 2021 the focus will be on the search for one person. This dating trend is called hard balling and it’s growing in popularity.

2. Approach taboo subjects openly

It used to be said: You don’t talk about politics and religion when dating. Throw this rule overboard and state your beliefs in the profile (for example in a creative way via the photos or in the comments about you). If 2020 has taught us one thing, it is that these issues and different attitudes and worldviews can divide entire nations. Don’t waste your time skipping sensitive topics date after date and in the end, the big disappointment awaits.

3. Expand your dating zone

Work, school lessons, and fitness classes have all shifted (more or less successfully) to the internet in the last few months. The pandemic also made dating more digital. A visit to your favorite restaurant, a spontaneous meeting in a bar, or joint indoor activities were suddenly all impossible. The advantage of these circumstances: You no longer only have to search within your city or the surrounding area, but can expand the radius. This in turn can significantly increase your hit rate.


3 things to change about your dating profile right now

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