3 Signs That Will End Up Having A Nice Friendship With Your Ex

From one to ten, how likely is it that you and your ex are friends? There are those who don’t even jokingly dare to take that step. Once they put an end there is no going back, they apply the clean slate. However, there are others who have the courage to build something healthy after the breakup, will it? These are the signs that can be tempted. There are 3 signs that you will end up having a nice friendship with your ex:

They say that the best thing is to turn the page and move on. However, there are others who not only believe in this that love is transformed, they do not think of giving up on someone who was so important in their lives. Above all, when the bond was not something toxic, they simply ended because the spark that united them at the beginning has ended. So, they are not willing to let go of the memories, the photos, the mutual friends. So they go from love to friendship. Who are they?

3.- Gemini 

Although Gemini has a reputation for being a cold sign and it is difficult for them to let go easily, the reality is that when they love deeply, it is too difficult for them to let go. He is a very flexible person, so he adapts to any situation. In addition, he has the emotional maturity to separate what was with the present , hence being friends with his ex does not seem crazy. Gemini as a friend is very loyal, the type of person who fills you with joy and who cannot feign indifference when he does not feel it. Remember that it is a very emotional sign, when they appreciate someone it shows in the way their eyes shine and how good they feel by their side. Gemini is the one who can give you lessons to overcome and keep moving forward, without saying a last goodbye.

2.- Cancer 

Cancer and emotions on the surface, is a sign that shows how you feel in each of your gestures. You can’t go through life with filters and you express yourself as honestly as you can. It has a protective, emotional and very intuitive side. If Cancer considers that her ex is someone worthwhile,regardless of what her love was, she does not see the reason why she should cut him out of her life. Cancer is also one of the 3 signs that will end up having a nice friendship with your ex.Once the relationship is terminated, he is not the type of person to recycle loves. On the contrary, he has the gift of setting limits, but he does not intend to lose everything he has experienced for a goodbye that makes no sense. Cancer cares about those it loves and may be the first person to propose that they continue to see each other, although they know that no matter how hard they try, they will never be the same again.

1.- Sagittarius 

Sagittarius is the most relaxed ex in the zodiac, once the relationship is over he has no intention of getting into his life, let’s say he leaves it up to you, if you want him to disappear, he does. However, when they end up on very good terms, you may decide to have a friendship. Sagittarius is distinguished by his sense of humor and is extremely understanding,so he can put himself in the shoes of his ex. Of course, it does not allow the ex to have any kind of opinion in his new life, remember that he enjoys getting out of the routine, the adventure and everything that involves traveling. Sagittarius could become friends with your ex, because they love new experiences and break with the conventional, always against what the rest accept as normal.


3 Signs That Will End Up Having A Nice Friendship With Your Ex

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