There are people whose hearts break and still look up. Brave they tell them, because they do not give up, they know that life is a seesaw, but when it comes to love things get worse. They say that at least once in our lives we will all live the duel of saying goodbye to a love, but there are 3 signs of the zodiac that break your heart but open your eyes. 

It’s good that no one loses their life for love, at least I think so, because there are those who seem to have a magnet to attract those who do not stay, those who hurt you, those who are not attracted by commitment. To those passing loves that invite you to dream, to draw a life that only exists in your imagination. How good that no one loses for love, because a broken heart teaches you, transforms you, so much so that sometimes it shows the best version of you.

Signs that break your heart: 

Only those who have had their hearts broken knows that reason is the least of it, that loneliness in the corners becomes your best company, that it hurts to breathe, that the heartbeats lose their rhythm, that life weighs on you and you feel that you can’t anymore. Only someone who has lived with a broken heart knows what it takes to get up and try to smile in front of the mirror. Only he understands that there comes a point where the dark circles scream at you that they are no more. Be careful with the following list:

3.- Leo 

Leo’s problem is that he wastes joy in every place he steps on, they are very eye-catching, because his sympathy speaks for them. A zodiac sign that honors confidence and energy. In some ways, it may seem that Leo is playing games, because he does not get along very well with formality.

Leo may be selfish, but he is not always, it is that he needs a really emotional bond that makes him tremble, he does not commit to just anyone. Also, you get bored easily, you need to feel loved and excited in the relationship, otherwise they choose to say goodbye.

2.- Sagittarius 

A coin in the air, is what many could say of Sagittarius , when it comes to giving your heart. The point here is that there are few minds that have the courage to understand Sagittarius, in fact it has very good intentions, but it is very easy to run because adrenaline calls them.

Not to mention that it is difficult for them to deal with their own problems, so committing themselves to a relationship in some way causes them to lose their balance. It is an exciting sign, fun and with a lot of love to give, but there are few hearts that have the courage to love them as they are, without wanting to change them.

1.- Capricorn  

At Capricorn or try to overpower joke because you’ll run into the huge wall of your life, they are transparent beings who say what they feel without any filter and that can alienate their partners. Be clear that Capricorn does not seek to hurt you, he wants to help you show your best version.

The bad news is that you are always prepared for the worst, so just wait for the person to make a mistake before saying goodbye. They are very demanding, they do not tolerate many things for themselves and less for a partner. Capricorn is analytical but very practical, if something does not work, the next.


3 Signs That Break Your Heart But Open Your Eyes

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