ou know you’re dating Taurus when you know perfectly what your strengths and weaknesses are when you’re in love. Like every sign, it has its good habits and its bad habits in a relationship. For example, Taurus is known for being a very patient and caring person, but it is true that he is too stubborn and with a strong character. Continue reading to discover them.


  1. Well: He will be very patient with you

Taurus is a person who will take his time to decide and also to act. But, in addition, it will leave you all the time in the world to make you feel comfortable and to think clearly. Taurus likes to enjoy the process without rushing. Thanks to his patience, he will show you how considerate he is and the great heart he has.

  1. Bad: It is extremely stubborn

Taurus is extremely attached to his convictions. When Taurus gets something between eyebrow and eyebrow, there is no turning back. This can bring many problems to the relationship because if Taurus says yes, it is yes and there are no more options. It can be very frustrating to get Taurus into reason.

  1. Well: Despite everything, it’s very romantic

Its ruling planet is Venus and with that everything should be clear. He goes hard for life, but then he has a huge heart. He loves to make romantic plans, enjoy love, live the relationship to the fullest. He loves small details and will take you into his world as soon as he meets you.

  1. Bad: Hates change

Taurus needs to live in the routine to feel safe. In addition, it is there where it has space to be practical and that is why it is very reluctant to change. He hates the plans at the last minute and they will be very angry if that happens. Taurus is very stubborn and prefers things to stay as he has in mind. He loves the organization and when everything is chaotic, the danger begins.

  1. Well: It will make you feel very safe

In addition to being romantic, Taurus is a person who gives himself to the fullest in all his relationships. It will never allow you to miss something or have a problem. At your side, you will feel the safest and most protected person in the world. Taurus came into the world to make happy and to protect others.

  1. Bad: You can become a little jealous

And it’s just because of the above … Taurus wants to protect you and doesn’t want to lose you for anything in the world. If Taurus suspects that you are flirting or talking to someone else, you may feel a little jealous. For Taurus jealousy is a challenge that he has to overcome and knows that sooner or later he will win that battle. It is because of his insecurities where he has to work. Taurus must learn to trust his partner to the fullest.