You know you’re dating Aries when you know perfectly what your strengths and weaknesses are when you’re in love. Like every sign, it has its good habits and its bad habits in a relationship. For example, Aries is not afraid to be direct, but it is also true that he can get bored very easily. Continue reading to discover them.


  1. Well: You’ll know exactly what he feels for you

When you’re dating Aries, you won’t have to worry about knowing where you are in the relationship, nor will you have to ask questions about whether Aries feels the same as you. He has no problem telling you how things are and what he feels in each moment. If you’re not comfortable, I’ll let you know. If you want to move further, it will show you and make it clear.

  1. Bad: It can be quite bossy and authoritarian

Above all, when the situation begins to be complicated and when problems arise. Aries likes you to take the initiative and challenge him, but he doesn’t like you to give him orders because that’s why he/she is already there. You usually have the need to take control to feel fulfilled and satisfied.

  1. Well: It will never play with your mind

A good thing about Aries is that it doesn’t play with your feelings or your mind. It is very direct and will always tell you what he thinks. For both good and bad. If you have to talk, you will talk. It is not of those people of now yes, then no. Aries will not let the relationship be based on secrets and hiding things.

  1. Bad: Act and think too fast

In some cases, this may be a virtue, but in this case, it is not so much. Aries needs things to go fast. When he wants something, he wants it right now. It is a matter of weeks, it is very possible that he is already planning on moving with you, on getting married, on taking the next step. Aries is unable to wait. If he really loves you, he will want to give you everything he has in a short time.

  1. Well: He is sure of himself and you can trust him/her

Trust is the basis of any relationship and with Aries, you will never be missing. Aries is a self-confident person, who trusts him / her very much. He is not afraid of anything, much less afraid of relationships. It is that trust that makes him so attractive and s**xy. In addition, it will show you at all times that you can trust him/her.

  1. Bad: He doesn’t like weak and ambitious people

Aries prefers to have at his side an active, independent, safe person, who knows from the outset what he wants. Aries doesn’t want someone sticky who needs 24/7 attention and who doubts even his own shadow. When he is with someone like that, he gets bored very easily. He wants someone who is not afraid to live life.