24 signs that you finally go out with a good guy

Good guys are not the last, because the good guy will always be there for you. He will make you feel as loved and valued as you are. Your relationship with him will be the best you have ever had in your life.

1. He tells you on a regular basis that you make him so happy and that he could not imagine another girl next to him.

2. He comes over to cook a romantic and delicious dinner with you and he’s surprisingly a really good cook.

3. It helps you to build your Ikea furniture, paint the rooms and move into your new home.

4. He wants you to go on an adventure trip with him, and he’s going through those plans.

5. He responds to your phone calls and text messages so you never feel like he plays games with your heart and neglects you.

6. It always gives you the feeling that you can feel secure in your relationship with him.

7. He encourages you to go out with your friends and spend nice hours with your girls.

8. He flushes with you and clears up all the mess.

9. He buys you gifts just like that, for no reason. He tries hard all the time.

10. He does not find your women’s products embarrassing. He understands and respects what you have to go through as a woman.

11. And when you have your time of the month, it always gives you the feeling that you are something very special.

12. He calls you beautiful instead of hot, but if you look sexy, he’ll let you know.

13. He gives you your space, but also wants to be involved in your life. He is never attached or too distant, he is just right.

14. He pays attention to the little details in your relationship, such as what your favorite flowers are and the things that make you happiest.

15. He never forgets when you have something important going on and always asks how it went.

16. He thinks you two are a great team and want to be a great person in your life.

17. It always motivates you to do the best for you and supports you in everything, no matter what.

18. He really makes the little things important.

19. A good guy is one you want to keep because he really wants to make a positive difference in your life.

20. It motivates you to work harder and to be the best you can be. His encouragement means the world to you.

21. He has a heart of gold. He does not behave like an immature boy; You can always count on him to behave like a man.

22. He’s a nice guy to keep because you can never get enough of his company.

23. He will make you feel like the only girl in the room because he only has eyes for you.

24. At the end of the day, you know he will be by your side.

Now you can understand why the rest never worked out. Good guys always win in the end.


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