You broke my heart, you took away my positive spirit and you drowned me under the weight of your struggles. You sank deeper and deeper until I feared that it would be impossible to overcome your overwhelming weight. But 2019, thank you for the pain and the pain of the soul, for having opened the way for me to resuscitate, for having sent me gleams of light in the darkest moments.

2019, thanks for the tears. Thanks for the nights when I cried before sleeping. Thank you for the moments when I washed my pain from tears, emerging refreshed and ready to overcome every obstacle you put in my way.

2019, thank you for the darkest moments. Thank you for the days when I felt that my life ended before it really started, the moments that left me without faith, without hope. Thank you for the moments when the struggles seemed unbearable, insurmountable in the face of my broken pride and my loss of confidence. Thank you for the moments that I chose to continue, the moments when I gave up, but life remained beautiful in its chaos.

2019, thank you for everything I left. Thank you for the moments when my heart broke, leaving a sea of ​​doubts and fears. Thank you for the clarity in the midst of darkness, the moments when I learned to proudly move away from everything that is dear to me, the awareness that you have grown and changed me, the idea that nothing and nothing no one will be good for me forever.

2019, you left my heartbroken while I cried for you, wishing the peace and comfort of new beginnings. Thank you for making me stronger.


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