1. They are positive and, although they are sometimes very far from their opinion, they will always try to cheer you up in your bad days

2. You will always see them with the encouragement of new projects (although this does not mean that all these projects will be carried out in a professional manner)

3. Because, although patience is the mother of virtues, it is not suitable for the desperate archer, or perseverance, prefers little process and quick results

4. They are very sociable and outgoing, so they have a long list of acquaintances

5. “Live and let live”, a Sagittarius is very tolerant of people he knows and generally does not criticize because he understands that we are all different

6. Like Libra, justice is very important to him and tries to be as fair as possible

7. They are very generous with the people around them

8. They tend to be described as disastrous and disorganized but are careful when the situation demands

9. They have no tact when speaking, do not take it badly, it does so without intention of hurting

10. They have a great sarcastic sense of humour, because of their openness

11. As a sign of fire, if he gets angry, he makes a huge scandal

12. But his impulses do not last, so if you leave him alone, he will certainly return to his natural state and give you a big smile as if nothing had happened.

13. They have a unique and eccentric style when dressing, do not try to be this friend to change your style, it will not happen, likes to stand out modestly

14. You have a lot of confidence in yourself and others, even if you don’t show it all the time

15. The thirst for adventure is based on your freedom and you are not friends with routine and possessive relationships

16. Certainly, if you are a friend of Sagittarius, you will not be sitting on a sofa watching it rain, it’s very energetic

17. Friendship is very important, even if they are not dependent people, they appreciate the people who will always be by their side

18. He will always be willing to make a smile in everyone’s life because he loves the joy and happiness of others


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