Being born under the sign of Gemini can sometimes be a bit confusing. It is not easy to have this instability in you, or not to know in the morning what you will want at night … Yes, being a Gemini is often a bit complicated but it can also be one of the most important things exciting of your life. You should see it like this. You live as in a kind of constant improvisation, your life is full of surprises although many of them do not please you completely, but after all, you feel that you are more alive / than ever. Always. And thanks to that, there are 15 things that are part of your daily philosophy. Here they are:

Life is always wonderful. This is advice you give everyone, even if things go wrong, it will all end up happening. The sun is behind the clouds.

You don’t have to have a lot of friends, just real friends. You can have a million acquaintances but friends, the real ones. You have plenty.

Family blessing is important, but so are you. If you find your true calling, there is no need to ask for permission. You have to fly to it even if the beginnings are complicated.

You must have a better sense of humour. Yes, and above all do not take things so seriously. Sometimes it will be your fault, sometimes it will be the other’s fault, but the complications of stupidity are absurd.

Diplomacy will always take you very far. It can save a lot in your life. Although you are overly passionate about a thousand aspects, you know when to do it right.

Nothing is as important as you think right now. If things are stifling or getting complicated, you need to think about your past problems, how you experienced them and how you see them now. Time heals everything. Long ago, all of those things that you thought were serious problems were no longer. Well, go-ahead for a few years and try to see how you would see the problems that you have now. Surely in many, you would laugh.

Do things with love, putting all your heart at heart. You have to give a little of yourself without fear, otherwise, nothing is real.

We must never lose the child we carry inside. Even if we are adults, even when the obligations are too heavy. You should never stop surprising yourself, it’s never too late to start doing something you enjoy.

Having fun is compulsory. Although the environment does not help, you must be happy as you are. Happiness is a choice, it does not come by chance or by chance.

It’s good to cry from time to time. We should not be ashamed of the feelings and emotions we have inside. Nothing compares to the calming effect of crying. When you think you’ve released everything, regain your dignity and continue.

Stay away from negative people. Okay, it’s true that maybe you often have a hard time doing this, but in the end, you end up doing it. You don’t have to be afraid to cut the cables, you don’t have to be afraid to cut relationships… You don’t have to be afraid to be alone.

Finding your passion in life will take time. It doesn’t have to magically appear and, of course, there is constantly a test error. It is a process that never stops. Don’t expect to know everything about you.

You should not be afraid of doubt, in fact, doubt is of intelligent people.

Things are never black and white. There are a million nuances, a million paths and there is not a single result. The truth has a million faces. It is neither good nor bad.

Changing your mind is allowed. Sometimes we are not completely clear about certain things, your truth may always be the same, but your opinion is not. You learn, you think, you build and you change. You should always be open to new information. You must always be open to change your mind.


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