15 Steps An Empathetic Woman Travers In A Relationship With A Narcissist


Is it possible for you to imagine a human being cold and hard (qualified as human because, unfortunately, there is no other official word to identify this species) in a relationship with a soft, sensitive and magnet ?

I have chills just at the idea, but I’m afraid it’s real as a situation.

One might think that such opposites would never cross, but they almost always end together and the result is devastating.

The only thing this relationship can give birth to is a wounded and broken victim, who scrapes the surface of the glass jail to get out – trying and failing repeatedly.

Seen from the outside, we would think that an empathy trapped in a relationship with a narcissist is free because it is the overall image that gives us.

When in fact, it’s the narcissist’s main game – to assault and manipulate, while appearing completely innocent himself.

As a result, the victim ends up in a glass jail. It is believed that she is free, but in fact, she is trapped.

If you’re wondering what it’s like to be a prisoner of narcissism, read the steps each empathy goes through in a relationship with a narcissist.

1. A boy sees a girl. Their eyes meet and the love story begins. The girl thinks she has found the love of her life, the man of her dreams. The truth is that she did not find the man of her dreams, but her worst nightmare.

2. The narcissist convinces the empathic woman that she is the person he is waiting for. He gives her everything she has always dreamed of.

He lies and pretends to be something he is not to gain his trust – to make him believe everything he says, which is not strange because his early behavior is supported by a soft and almost unrealistic appearance.

3. After steps 1 and 2, the narcissist enters the most important stage of manipulation and control.

Over a long period of time, he works to destroy the woman’s self-esteem and self-esteem.

Thanks to a large number of tactics, he succeeds in his plan. He assumes the role of the dominant in the relationship, ensuring that the woman empathes has no say in it.

4. The empathetic woman will never hold the narcissist at this stage of their relationship. She retires and reluctantly accepts the labels that the narcissist gives her, which will gradually lead her to believe that she is really incompetent and unworthy of love and respect.

5. The empaths will put their heart and soul into their relationship. Their intentions are pure and their love is selfless.

After all, we do not choose who we fall in love with. Unfortunately, sometimes you fall in love with evil and you are heartbroken, you are at the lowest point of your life. Nobody can prepare for that. Nobody can predict it or avoid it.

Empaths often fall into this trap because they are disinterested. They are donors – exactly what every narcissist needs.

6. Slowly, the woman empathizes realizes that the relationship she is in is not healthy. She realizes gradually that the narcissist can only love himself. Unfortunately, arriving there, it is already too difficult to get out.

The woman empathes under great pressure and she feels tremendous fear because she knows everything the narcissist is capable of.

So, she continues to satisfy each of her needs just to avoid problems.

7. As long as the woman empathizes will do everything the narcissist wants, there will be no problems in the relationship. And the more love and devotion she brings to it, the more the narcissist will feel in control.

Narcissists know that as long as empathists struggle to keep their relationship alive, everything goes the way they want.

Once the empathetic woman begins to break the unhealthy bond, the narcissist begins to feel threatened.

8. Finally, the empath woman acts. She ends up admitting that she has been abused and that she does not want to live this kind of relationship anymore.

She needs more; she needs a true and selfless love and she does not get it. The narcissist is not satisfied with this awareness. In fact, he feels threatened and that makes him even more dangerous.

9. What is really happening is that the empath realizes that the narcissist will never have enough attention, and that none of his actions and fulfilling the wishes of the narcissist will ever satisfy his need insatiable attention.

10. Desperate, the narcissist goes into too manipulative mode. Her next move is to convince the empathic woman that all the bad things that happened in their relationship are her fault. He will convince her that she is too needy and too demanding.

11. Then she will stop for a second and question herself. As her self-esteem has still not been recovered and she is still very vulnerable, she will believe in her bullshit and seriously begin to doubt herself and her behavior. This is exactly the narcissist’s game tactics.

12. The problem is that the woman empathes does not understand that she has been manipulated. Once the narcissist is in his head and has confused his mind, she will come back to him and open up.

She will tell him how she really feels and how much she is suffering. Unfortunately, these emotions will not reach the narcissist, who will rather wear the hat without feeling guilty.

The empaths will openly admit that they believe they are losing their mind. Nothing makes a narcissist happier than to hear that because at that moment the empathy becomes easily controllable again.

13. This is where the empathic woman makes the biggest mistake. She believes in the lies of the narcissist.

Instead of accepting the pain and understanding that what she is feeling right now is normal because she was hurt, she feels guilty and thinks she did something wrong.

14. Despite the misfortune that has struck her, the woman empathes will find a way to calm down, to take a step back to reevaluate the situation and try to understand in what trouble it is.

Believe me, after a long fight, the empath will find a way to get away from the narcissist!

15. Empathists must understand that not all people are worthy of their love and attention.

They must be prepared for the fact that there are unfortunately bad people, people who care only for themselves without fear of crushing anyone who is on their way. Empathists must recognize that not everyone is like them.

The story ends with the empathist struggling to get back on his feet, feeling defeated, embarrassed and broken.

Meanwhile, the narcissist continues without regrets, as if nothing had happened, as if the empath had never existed.

And this is the sad truth. We invest with all the heart and all our soul while the other does everything to destroy our life.

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