14 signs that he’s not really in love with you (even if you do not want to believe it)

When it comes to dating and relationships, we primarily glorify the good moments and cling to them while we simply repress the bad stories. But if somebody really likes you, the good moments will outweigh the bad ones with a landslide.

Sometimes we get stuck so close to someone that we do not even realize that we’re the only ones who make an effort.

1. You are always the one who builds the contact.

A guy who likes you will want to talk to you a lot. If he does not send you messages or calls you, it’s because he just does not think about you.

2. He does not always answer.

Although you answer all his questions quickly, he is not ready for it. A guy who likes you will be glad to hear from you.

3. And if he does that, it’s short answers.

You’re the one who keeps the conversation going. An answer is not enough, the conversation should not feel like work.

4. He says often.

Plans, which you may have been looking forward to all week, he says a few hours before. A guy who likes you will not cancel, and if he does, he’ll make it up right away because he does not want you to leave.

5. It is always the case that you have to go an extra way.

Surely it’s nice of you and everyone, but in the end he’ll realize that you’ll do whatever he asks you to do. He may not respect you anymore but expect things from you because he knows that you will do everything.

6. He embarrasses you.

If you need to send a screenshot of the “WTF” text to your friends, he certainly will not like you.

One day it’s one thing, the next day it’s something new. There are times when it seems like he likes you, but he retreats completely when it seems that he was too interested in you. If a guy likes you, he will not disturb you. He will be honest and clear and look ahead and say he wants you and only you.

Do not waste time and energy with someone playing with you.

7. One hears from him only when he is drunk.

He is the king of the drunkards who write or call at two o’clock in the morning. Do not be glad that he thinks of you when he is extinguished. Choose someone who wants to sober you up.

8. He has not done you right yet.

Maybe you just hang around like that. Maybe you met and that’s it. Maybe you meet in bars. But if a guy did not take you on a real date, it’s because he does not want to go out with you.

9. He always lets you wait.

You are always waiting for him. Whether it is a text message or a confirmed plan. He may have crossed the line and is not ready for a relationship yet. Do not wait for someone to find out he wants you, but choose someone who knows immediately.

10. He is always busy or looking for excuses.

Busy also means that he is not interested. As someone who is the busiest person in the world and even with a booked schedule for the next three months, if I like someone, I will find time to integrate him into my life and I will not find excuses as to why I am can not.

11. He gives the bare minimum of effort to keep you close.

He gives just enough to keep coming back and worshiping him. But you always deserve the best of a human. Do not expect too much from a message you get from him late at night. What he gives you is not enough and you should not think about it that much.

12. You are a choice for him while he is your priority.

You will always put him first and he always thinks about what his other options are. Stop letting yourself be someone he can just choose.

13. He is good at apologizing.

The guy who likes you and cares about you does not have to apologize or retrace his steps. The right person will not screw it up in the first place. Do not be flattered when confessing to what he did wrong, but condemn him and go away for making such mistakes.

14. Your friends do not like him.

I live by the rule that if my friends do not like someone, it is because they are not good for me. Your friends love you and adore you so much, and if you do not like someone, it’s because you settle for less than you deserve.

At the end of the day, we all want someone who wants us, and sometimes it’s necessary to let go, to finally get what we deserve.


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