14 main secrets of men that they keep from their beloved women

1. What does he think about your appearance.

Over time, we change: we lose weight or gain weight, a woman’s body changes after pregnancy and childbirth, but no matter what a man thinks about it, he is unlikely to say. Because he wants you to love yourself as much as he loves you.

2. About his problems at work or with family.

Men are usually proud in this regard. They want to appear omnipotent, as if they are in control. And if he has problems, he is unlikely to talk about it. But if there are problems, this can affect his behavior in relations with you.

3. They are really not that difficult.

Men for the most part experience everything the same as women, they simply cannot express it or they themselves do not fully understand.

4. He will not tell if he was abandoned or cheated on in a past relationship.

It’s all pride. If he admits that he was betrayed, then he admits that he could not control it, as if it was his fault.

5. If he likes a girlfriend or even a relative.

Many men admit that they secretly felt such sympathy, but for obvious reasons they never admitted it to anyone.

6. His fantasies.

Maybe he especially likes your legs. Maybe he really wants to try a new way with you. Whatever it is, he is clearly not telling all of his fantasies.

7. What his friends think of you.

Because the main thing is what your man thinks about you. And if you suddenly don’t really like someone from his environment, it will only become more difficult for you to communicate with them.

8. His browser history or passwords.

Everyone wants privacy. And men in relationships are no exception. Even loyal men. They have confidence and personal space though.

9. His childhood trauma.

People even unconsciously suppress such bad memories, because it is logical that a man is unlikely to share this under normal circumstances.

10. What he did last night.

Maybe he didn’t do anything like that, but his pride just doesn’t want to let you know everything about him and try to control him. Therefore, he does not always want to answer this question about where he was and what he was doing.

11. If he is not sure about the relationship with you.

He will pull to the last, hoping to sort it out over time.

12. His true financial situation.

Why bother others with your financial problems, especially if it’s your girlfriend? She should think that you can take care of it yourself.

13. If he still has feelings for his ex.

Perhaps you are the one with whom he is trying to forget his ex, or maybe he has everything with you, too, but you know how special feelings can be for an ex.

14. His friendship with the opposite love.

Many women are very jealous of their man’s girlfriends, so men sometimes prefer not to tell at all if they have girlfriends.


14 main secrets of men that they keep from their beloved women

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