14 guys who painfully honestly talk about why they gave up love

1. “We both began to wonder what other possibilities there are out there. We were each other’s first serious relationship (better the only one) and I think the fact that one of us wanted to know what else was out there made us think about how real our love is. “- Sebastian, 26

2. “We stayed in a relationship just because we were together for so long. Once we could accept the fact that the last 7 years were not what we had hoped for, we could also accept that we were no longer in love “. – Martin, 29

3. “The chemistry that we had at the beginning of our relationship faded over time and I think we tried too hard to revive it. But you can not revive something that has already been lost. “- Stephan, 27

4. “I think it was just the realization that she was not the right person for me. And I was not the right person for you. “- Jonas, 26

5. “We moved to a new city together, I’ve changed, they stayed the same. We should have changed together, change should not be one-sided when it comes to love. “- Olaf, 27

6. “Our sex life went out, and so love went with it. Sex is so important for a relationship. When we stopped having sex, everything was gone. “- Andreas, 28

7. “She cared more about her career than about our relationship. I understand that a relationship does not necessarily have to be your whole life, but balance is the key and she could not balance me with her job. “- Luca, 27

8. “I messed up and betrayed her, she said she could forgive me, and she gave me a second chance, but just because she stayed with me does not mean she’s ever completely trusted me again, Her lack of trust has made me no longer love her. “- Till, 26

9. “We both went to different universities and lived apart. School love is overrated. You do not know what love is when you’re 17. “- Bernhard, 25

10. “Our relationship became boring. It was not her that got boring, but everything else. We have stopped trying new things together, we have stopped challenging each other, which has led us to want to gain new experiences without each other, new experiences with new people. “- Christian, 28

11. “The distance is a killer of every love, believe no one who tells you otherwise. I had to move 300 km away from my girlfriend. We thought we could do it, but we could not. Skype is simply not the best solution, especially when it comes to sex. I do not know who was worse for me or her. “- Benjamin, 27

12. “She lost the job she loved, and when she found another, she was obviously unhappy. I alone could not be the source of her happiness. I was not enough for her. “- Gustav, 28

13. “We had to move in with their parents for 5 months while trying to find a new home for both of us, and during that time we were cruelly cross-polled. We were just unhappy, and the fact that we could not overcome this obstacle together, which in my opinion was not such a big obstacle, obviously showed us that we should not be together anymore. ” – Marc, 26

14. “My job involves a lot of travelling. We lived together in 12 different countries and she was just on the way to where my job took me. She stayed with me the whole time, which I was very grateful to her, but it came to the point where I wanted to know what she wanted for herself rather than just following me and my job – and she did not know, I think I stopped loving her when I became her whole world and she did not have her own. “- Jens, 29


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