I will not lie to you – in any marriage there are only rainbows and unicorns and it is anything but easy.

What nobody’s going to tell you at the beginning is that you can not expect a fairy tale and that in marriage you have to compromise on some things that you would never normally put up with.

But there is one thing you should not even tolerate in a dream – an irreverent husband.

You have to understand that there can be no love, where there is no respect, and that you can never build a healthy relationship with someone who does not appreciate you or humiliates you in any way.

Yet sometimes you are the only one who does not see the reality of your own marriage; the only one who does not recognize the truth and does not see that your husband is not treating you properly.

That’s why I’m here to help you by showing you these 13 revealing signs that prove you have an irreverent husband.

1. He is not honest


One of the most important things in a marriage is the absolute honesty.

Your spouse should be your teammate, and there should be no room for lies in your relationship, even if the truth is bitter and hard.

Do not get me wrong – you two have the right to your own privacy, but if your husband hides something, no matter how small, especially if it has something to do with your marriage, that is a clear sign that he does not respect you enough.

He does not want to share all aspects of his life with you and he does that for a reason.

This is definitely a sign of disrespect, and you should pay attention to that.

2. He compares you to other women


A man who compares you to other women does not respect you.

It does not matter if this woman is his ex or someone from the neighborhood – he should never make you feel like you have to fight for his attention against another woman.

Your husband should only have eyes for you and to look at other women and especially to comment on their appearance in front of you is never acceptable.

It only humbles you and makes you feel guilty.

And that is definitely not a sign of a healthy and happy relationship, but rather a sign of an irreverent husband.

3. He is never behind you


A good marriage is also a friendship. It’s a promise that you and your partner will support each other no matter what.

Nevertheless, your irreverent husband never does that. Whether you’re right or not, he’s never on your side.

Instead, he thinks that others are always right and that you are wrong.

He thinks you are not smart enough to deal with some complicated issues, and he does not find you reliable.

If you see your husband behaving like this, you should know that you have a serious problem and that the situation can only get worse if you do not do anything about it.

4. He does not care about your needs


When you get married, you have to forget about egoism first.

You can not only look after your own needs without caring for the well-being of your partner. But that’s exactly what your irreverent husband is doing.

The most important thing is that he is full, dressed and satisfied. And you?

Well, he does not even ask if you’re okay or if you’re too tired to prepare dinner after a hard day’s work.

He only thinks of himself and his needs and does not feel bad if you do not feel well.

Your relationship is not what it used to be, and you should not tolerate such behavior.

5. He is never ready to compromise


If you feel that your husband is making all the important decisions in your marriage alone and that he does not ask you for your opinion, then you should know that something is wrong with your relationship.

If he keeps pushing everything in his own way, no matter what you have to say, it means he does not respect you.

And you should definitely do something about it, because you do not deserve such behavior. No woman does that.

6. He does not listen to you


If your husband does not listen to what you have to say, even if you tell him something very important, it means that he does not respect you.

He just wants you to stop talking because he thinks you’re boring.

If a couple gets into such a phase, it should definitely find a solution to the problem, because that’s not a healthy relationship.

7. You are not his priority


If your husband excludes you from his life and he spends more time with his friends, it means that he has no respect for you.

He enjoys spending more time with other people than you, and you can not build a deeper relationship with him.

And if you two spend some time together, you always argue, which is also a sign of disrespect.

8. He criticizes you


If you catch your husband criticizing you for your looks or a few extra pounds you’ve gained, that’s a sign that you have an irreverent man.

If you do not see a smile on his face, if he says something like that, and if he does not kiss you afterwards, that’s a sign that he did it on purpose.

He wants you to feel bad, and he’s not ashamed to show it to you.

9. He never wants to help you


Whether you are just doing housework or working on a complicated project for work, your partner will not be there to help you.

I’m not saying that he needs to have expertise in the area you work in, but he can help you by making you a cup of coffee or tea when you feel like you’re tired and tired.

If your husband does not want that and lets you do all the difficult things on his own, it means he does not respect you enough.

And such a man will never make you happy and satisfied.

10. He tries to change you


Respect is almost always associated with acceptance.

If someone respects you, he respects and accepts the person you are, with all your mistakes and imperfections, without trying to change you.

Do not get me wrong – it’s a great thing to have a partner who inspires you to get better, but that does not mean that he has the right to change the essence of your being.

But that’s exactly what your husband does. He wants you to adjust to his imaginary standards, and he does everything in his power to model you to his liking, without considering your personality or individuality.

If this is the case in your marriage, then it is more than clear that you are dealing with an irreverent husband who is trying to control all aspects of your life and personality.

11. He does not care if you feel like having Love


Remember one thing – even if you are in a relationship or marriage, romance must always be consensual.

You may have personal boundaries that no one can or should exceed.

This means that you have the right not to feel like having romance of any kind if you do not feel like it. And that means your partner has to respect that at all times.

Yet your irreverent husband does anything but that. Instead, he urges you to sleep with him, even if you clearly tell him that you do not feel like having romance.

And when you both sleep together, this man cares only for his own needs – he never bothers to please you, and he often treats you like a useless object.

12. He pretends to be better than you


When you and your husband have children, you often feel like one of the children, rather than an equal partner in your marriage.

Everything your husband does is order you around and yell at you all the time, pretending that you are inferior to him in every way.

This man rarely treats you like a partner.

He questions every decision you make, and consequently he lets you doubt your own judgment.

It is more than obvious that he considers himself wiser and more efficient.

At the same time you are useless and your opinion should not be taken into account.

Even if he does not tell you that directly, it is more than obvious that he does not appreciate you and does not give you the place you deserve in this marriage.

13. He treats you like his maid


If you think about it, you can not remember when your husband last helped in the house.

Even if he does something, like tidying up the table behind him, he does it only when you ask him.

Besides, he pretends to help you by doing a simple task as if he does not live in this household.

This man obviously considers cooking and cleaning as a woman’s task and does not think of moving a finger to make it a little easier for you.

What you need to understand is that you are not the maid, the slave, or the cook of this guy, nor are you the full-time nanny of your kids.

This is your life, not your job, and you can not expect to work around the clock while showing no interest in sharing household responsibilities.

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