He won’t be able to give you everything you deserve.

Love is the most desirable human emotion, but love is more than instinct.

It is important to use our intellect and judgment together with our hearts so that we can make the right decisions. Otherwise, we can be blinded in love so that we can get stuck in one-sided relationships that have no future.

If you feel like you are doing everything you can for the relationship and the relationship is still not moving, it could be because your partner is still in love with his ex and needs to clear his feelings before starting a new relationship can move forward.

Here is a list of 13 characters that your partner is still not past his ex:

1. He is still angry with her.

If someone is still angry with their ex, it is a clear warning signal that they are not over them yet. His anger is just a manifestation of his pain, which he carries because of the failure of the relationship.

If someone has really left their former relationship behind, they become apathetic and indifferent to the ex instead of being filled with anger at them.

Anger and hatred only show that he still has intense feelings for his ex-partner and has not yet resigned himself to the separation.

2. All the little things that remind him of her.

If all the little things – like what you wear, how you speak, the places you visit or what perfume you wear – remind him of her, he is clearly not over his ex.

Ideally, he should take more time to look after you and compliment you instead of talking about his ex all the time.

If he’s not 100% whole-hearted in the relationship, you should just let it go and move on.

3. He is still interested in her life.

If he’s still trying to figure out what’s going on in her life, either by asking mutual friends or checking their social media or stalking them, that’s an extreme warning sign that he still has feelings for her and hopes to be with her again to come together.

Even if it’s okay to stay friends with the ex, it’s not okay to worry about every little thing in her life or be too interested in her affairs.

4. He is still in contact with her family.

When you’re in a relationship, you obviously want to be in contact with your partner’s family and friends. But as soon as the relationship is over, contact with friends and family slowly fizzles.

If your partner is still trying to stay in touch with his ex’s family, it could be because he is trying to get an insight into his ex’s life and find out if she is still single and he is still one Has a chance to win her back.

Or he could try to impress her family so that she can help him get his ex back.

5. He’s still talking to her about social media.

If someone is over his ex, he shouldn’t like every comment and photo of his ex on social media.

If he still does, it’s a clear sign that he’s trying to get their attention and hopes to rekindle the spark.

6. He compares you to her.

If he constantly compares you two in all sorts of little things, like how she cooked, how she dressed smartly or how intelligent or grown-up she is, consciously or unconsciously, only comparing you to her and that’s not a good thing.

You are a unique individual and should be with someone who likes you as you are instead of trying to transform yourself into a reflection of your ex.

7. He talks a lot about his past.

We all talk about the past to remember the good times and relive them. If he keeps talking about his ex and the things they did together and the places they visited together, it is a clear sign that he still misses the good times that he spent with her.

If he constantly mentions their holidays together or their daily rituals, he clearly misses them very much.

8. He shares more with her about his life than he shares with you.

If he shares his dreams, passions and what goes on in his life more with her than with you, he obviously shares more well-being and attachment with her than with you.

Well-being, trust and commitment are the basic building blocks of a good, fulfilling and long-lasting relationship.

If you don’t have these things in your relationship, you need to reflect a little and take appropriate action.

9. He hesitates to bind you.

It is normal to need some time before you commit to someone. But if you’ve been meeting for a while and he’s still hesitant to make it binding, it shows that he’s still unsure about you or still not about his ex.

If he’s constantly evading the question of how things are, he’s probably not very keen on taking the next step in the relationship.

10. He constantly mentions her name in conversations.

If we like someone, we can’t help mentioning his or her name in conversation all the time. It’s because we think of this person all the time.

If your partner constantly mentions the name of his ex in conversations, you can imagine how much he thinks of her and how much he misses her.

11. He still talks to her and meets with her without telling you.

Sometimes people stay friends with their ex, especially if they were good friends before they got together.

But if your partner spends time with his ex without even telling you, he’s not as honest in the relationship with you as he should be.

If he had no intentions to reunite with his ex and if he had a healthy relationship with you, he wouldn’t mind telling you about meeting his ex.

12. He is hot and cold for you.

It’s very easy to tell what someone feels for you when you watch their behaviour. If someone really likes you, their care for you and care for you are consistent.

But if someone is unsure about their feelings for you, this is reflected in the irregularity of their behaviour.

If he spends days without talking to you and then comes back and showered you with love, only to then disappear, he is not sure of his feelings for you and only keeps you warm as an alternative.

13. The separation was not his decision.

Separations are always difficult, even more so if they weren’t your decision. The one who ends up has trouble accepting that it’s over.

In his head, he is looking for a degree. He keeps asking himself: “What did I do wrong?”, “Why didn’t I see the signs that the end was coming?”, “What could I have done differently to save the relationship?”

If your partner is still struggling with these questions, he is definitely not yet over his ex and has to clear his emotions before he can move forward in a new relationship.


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