13 Definitive Signs That Show You Are Cancer

It is clear that not all people of the Cancer sign are the same, in the end, your personality is the gear of all the energies of your letter and of your vital circumstances. But there are some points that unite the Crab to a greater or lesser extent. These are the 13 definitive signs that show that you are Cancer.

  1. You are super sensitive, but not just now, you always have been.

In reality, even the smallest things that the world does not see can remove you from the inside. Sometimes you have a really bad time because you get excited about almost everything and this ends up being a problem.

  1. You give very good advice and you know how to listen very well.

Okay, you are not one of those who apply your own Cancer advice but you give the best. Your friends, your partner or your family can always count on you to have a better perspective on any matter.

  1. You are a free soul but you need to have a home.

You love to travel and see new places, but you are very clear about where your heart resides. And your heart is in that place that you consider home.

  1. Sometimes you get obsessed with making plans.

You do not care so much that they are fulfilled or that they are not fulfilled, let’s see, it is clear that if they are fulfilled much better, but you really like to idealize, dream, believe … And plan. You enjoy this more than the ending itself.

  1. Even though you have the gift of knowing how others are, you always want to try.

Sometimes, you are very clear about what someone is like just by speaking three words with him / her, but if you like it, you try to “silence” that feeling to try, because it interests you, because you can’t hold back. Even if you already know very well what is going to happen …

  1. You have extraordinary creativity.

Your brain is always spinning around something, you love to create and design, and really, you just need a little confidence in yourself for you to achieve your goals. That creative nature can take you to exciting and extraordinary places.

  1. It will not be strange that you do not get a good night’s rest.

You overthink everything. In matters of love, you can become very obsessed and also leave what is truly important aside to follow that person. That often leads you to stay up late, thinking about everything that has happened during the day is part of your life.

  1. You have a very special bond with writing or with words in general.

You know how to transmit Cancer, and you know how to do it great, you should write more, communicate more. Seriously, you could end up being a well-known writer or journalist.

  1. You are a very intuitive person.

You read to others very easily. Often you notice things that others do not see, and you see the rest from minute one. You know if they are wrong or if they are right just by analyzing their body language, you know if something has happened, if they are mulling over some important issue, if they are good or bad people … Here, you always have an advantage.

  1. You may be the first person to cry and the first person to laugh in your group.

You can be very sensitive yes, but you have an excellent sense of humor too. Also, you know that a good cry or a good laugh ends up healing everything. Whatever.

  1. You love madly.

Honestly, this can often be a condemnation and that is, when you fall in love, you give everything. So much so that sometimes you even forget about yourself Cancer. The love in your life is super important and you will have important comings and goings. And the heart at some point, broken into a thousand pieces.

  1. You can become very lonely.

Actually, your friends belong to a very tight circle Cancer. You love spending time with them but in reality, most of the time you prefer to be alone. You enjoy your company, watch a movie, think, be at home … You find pleasure and comfort in your home, in your home.

  1. You protect the people you love like the most.

You are not usually very conflictive but if they mess with yours MA TAS. You will always be there, as much as you can, and if someone goes overboard with them, it is clear to you, you are going to defend them until the end.


13 Definitive Signs That Show You Are Cancer

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