You may be in love and cannot soberly assess a man, but we will help you. Here’s what a standing man should do:

1. He is always a mountain for you.

And when you’re around and when you’re not. He won’t let anyone say bad things about you.

2. He remains faithful to you.

Today, there are many temptations around, the Internet has made it much easier for those who want to change. Therefore, loyalty is the decision of everyone, and a standing man makes such a decision and remains faithful to him, that is, to you. This includes no flirting.

3. He listens to you.

Many men don’t know how to listen. They are either distracted by their phone, or by football, or they are just in a hurry to solve your problem, when you need to speak out. A standing man wants to understand you, that’s why he listens.

4. He’s not laughing at you.

He can tease you and tease, but in such a way as to laugh with you, not at you. If you have an unpleasant aftertaste after his jokes, do not close your eyes to it.

5. He apologizes when necessary.

This is not a problem for him. Everyone makes mistakes and messes up sometimes, but he is man enough to apologize and try not to repeat it again.

6. He doesn’t expect you to always write to him first.

There is nothing worse than a man from whom you never get the first message or call. But this one is not like that. He wants to communicate with you.

7. He introduces you to friends and family.

He does not hide you, but wants to show everyone, because he is proud and happy to be with you.

8. He doesn’t make you wonder.

A standing man always makes it clear what is between you. He wants you not to doubt him and not to look for backup options, because he has only one option – you. If you are not sure what is important to him, if he does not assure you of this in any way, it’s time to think if you need him.

9. He supports you and your interests.

He does not speak badly about your dreams and goals, he supports and wants you to achieve everything you want.

10. He respects your boundaries.

He respects your right to personal, to friends, to your hobbies, to work, to desires and unwillingness in love, and so on. He treats you as a person, not a property.

11. He makes time for you.

No matter how busy he is, a standing man understands that a relationship needs quality time together and he finds it, he allocates it especially for you, so you don’t doubt your importance to him.

12. He controls jealousy.

Everyone is sometimes jealous, but he does not allow this feeling to control him and spoil everything. He feels confident enough in the relationship to avoid it.


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