12 signs that he is NOT in love with you

Many men don’t want to have a steady relationship, they just want to have sex. Sometimes, however, to achieve the goal, they pretend to be in a relationship and pretend that women have strong feelings.

If you think your husband doesn’t love you, only uses you, and doesn’t think of anything serious with you, keep reading and see if he does some of these things with you …

1. He doesn’t show his feelings.

If a man is not emotionally connected to you, he will not feel comfortable sharing his feelings with you. In general, men don’t talk much about their feelings, but almost all of them sometimes share them with their loved ones.

2. He only seems to be close to you in bed.

If your husband just behaves nice and cute when you are not wearing anything, then you know that there is a problem.

3. He is still in touch with his ex-girlfriends.

If he loved his ex and doesn’t love you, he’d rather talk to her than to you. He also has no emotional connection to you, so why should he talk to you?

4. In his presence, you feel like a stranger.

Why should someone who doesn’t love you care about your true face at all? He won’t know the things you didn’t tell him because he’s not interested in knowing them at all.

5. He doesn’t know your true “I”.

He never notices the little things about you and doesn’t know the sides of you that you hide from other people.

6. He doesn’t want quarrels.

He feels comfortable with you, so he doesn’t want to get into the trouble of a big argument. He doesn’t care if this argument will improve the relationship in the long run. He only thinks about peace of mind.

7. He doesn’t know what to think about the future.

You’re just a short-term affair for him, so he never spoke to you about your future together. Although you think about it exactly, he will never address this issue.

8. He doesn’t seem to care about you.

He doesn’t ask if you are sick or if you have cramps. He just doesn’t care.

9. He spends less time with you than with his friends.

This is a clear indication that he is enjoying his friends more than you. I’m not saying that if he loves you, he should ignore his friends to be with you. But there is a limit to which he can spend time with them, and if he loves you, he will find a balance.

10. He never enjoys the moments with you.

No matter how special the moment may be for you, if your husband is indifferent to you, there is a great lack of feelings that he feels for you. If he doesn’t love you, he’ll never really love it.

11. He never introduced you to his family.

He doesn’t want you to meet his family. He doesn’t want them to imagine his future with you because he doesn’t see it as a long-term option. You are only a temporary phase for him.

12. You have a bad feeling.

You may have the feeling that something is wrong. Then it is probably the same. Trust your gut feeling. Something is wrong with him and this is a sign that you should leave him.


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