Fair, loyal, intellectual and creative. Really, few are able to overcome that “love appeal” that Libra has, she is so good, she knows how to attract attention so that you love her or that you hate her, they always thirst for justice, in life, in love, it is a sign that is ruled by Venus, planet of love and beauty: two things that it will never stop pursuing. Seriously, what do you want more for? These are the 11 things you should know if you date Libra :

♥ Libra is a “people person”. He is very sociable, he needs others, and although sometimes he also wants to be alone. Simply going out, meeting new people, or surrounding yourself with your family and having a drink will heal any injury. He’s stray when he has to be, but he won’t mind staying home as long as he has company.

♥ Libra seeks peace. But inevitably he is drawn to the drama, it always seems that he is around when someone has a problem and wants to drag him away. And the worst thing is that, despite fleeing from war and conflict. Once you have stressed out, there is nothing to do. What are you screaming? Libra will scream twice what do you threaten? You won’t save yourself from threats either. If you have already thrown yourself around someone’s neck, it will be difficult to control. If you are dating or planning to date Libra, try not to go to this extreme ever, because you have the upper hand.

♥ Disappointments in Libra’s life come as standard, and especially romantic disappointments, but she does not throw in the towel. If you show him with strength and desire, he will trust you, and will give himself to the maximum as if it were the first time he did it. It will go with leaden feet, but only at the beginning. Then it is thrown, and it is totally thrown. This is the third point of the 11 things you should know if you date Libra.

♥ Libra loves the beauty of everything. He easily “falls in love” with details, with gestures … You can also start to like him after meeting you, crushes can happen often but he also falls in love with the person, so, do not lose hope if at first you have not caught his attention . Because if you have the qualities you are looking for and you discover them little by little, you may fall in love later.

♥ Keep in mind that Libra is often confusing. It can be a heaven of a person, treating you like no one has treated you, being kind and even flirting but nevertheless it can be very clear that he does not want anything with you. His nature is psesuasive, which is why his partners often feel jealous and want to have him in control, but with Libra more control will only end in more estrangement.

♥ Libra is slow to make decisions. Sometimes this can be frustrating for the person next to you, but in reality it is just fear of being wrong. The more it bothers Libra to spend all that time mulling over something, really. But you can’t help it, you don’t want to fail, you don’t want to regret it. And still, many times later it does.

♥ Among the 11 things you should know if you go out with Libra you should know that he will always give what is in his power to please the people he loves. It is inevitable, you have that desire to share with those you love. So go ahead, you can grab that piece of chocolate on his plate and you’ve been staring for half an hour. But please, do not do it as if you have the maximum power, ask for permission, and it will be yours.

♥ Libra will not want to fight fiercely but you will realize that arguments can last hours and even days … Because until they show you that they are right they will not stop. It is something like if he had the need to open everyone’s eyes, to express his truth. That at least you understand it.

♥ Libra, no matter how much he denies it, holds a grudge. If you do it, it will keep him stuck inside for a long, long time. And even though you want to forget it, it’s impossible. The betrayals of Libra in the end pay dearly, especially if there has not been even a minimum apology on your part. Especially if you still think you did well.

♥ They adore people who have an open mind. Those people with whom you can talk about everything. If you have any prejudice, you will not be welcome to the world of Libra, as soon as it realizes, it will not take long to make things clear for you. Do not forget that Libra always has the need to defend the weakest, to fight for injustices. Better not go too high, discrediting the rest for their way of speaking, their way of dressing or their culture, because it will end up embarrassing you.

♥ Libra has that charisma that tricks you, and also sometimes, does it unintentionally. For this reason, he has a large number of admirers, people who would really give anything to be by his side. Control jealousy because it will not lead you to a good port. It is something that inevitably happens, feel proud of what you have by your side and enjoy it.


11 Things You Should Know If You Sale With Libra

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