1. Gemini is the most passionate person about the zodiac. If you’re going out with them, be prepared to make things look a bit like a musical, but especially without the entire song. There will always be exciting things going on, at least depending on your Gemini. If you are the stick in the wheel, find someone else.

2. It also means that you should be exciting. Twins can be fickle, so you have to be the kind of person who can get their attention.

3. Encourage your Gemini to express themselves artistically in writing, painting, crafts or cooking. They will love the fact that you support their intrinsic creativity and will be happier when they have a way to express themselves.

4. The twins are very expressive. In general, you don’t wonder how they feel about you. If they love you, they will tell you. If they want something from you, they will tell you. Do not waste time wondering if they are holding you back, subtlety does not suit them.

5. Gemini are very curious people. They will want to know everything about your mind. Do not take him for being intimidated or jealous, they just want to understand everything, especially the people closest to them.

6. The best date for a Gemini is one that appeals to their playful nature. Take them to an outdoor festival, an amusement park or a comedy show. Accept what you do: Gemini does not like people who are still holding on.

7. Your life with a Gemini will always be in business. Your Gemini will have a large social circle that likes to be around. Good dinners with lots of people, wine and ideas are the perfect way to spend an evening. If you are easily jealous because your partner has a lot of friends, go for it.

8. The worst thing about a Gemini is getting bored.

9. A Gemini will not respect the plans. Everyone has faults and it seems to be theirs. Learn to live with or choose another partner.

10. In bed, Gemini loves experiences. Surprise them with a sex toy and watch them take on the challenge.

11. Because of his intellectual curiosity and his passion for so many different things at the same time, Gemini can be very neurotic. The best partners for them are those who encourage them to follow their passions. Be the best and most concrete half they need and they will stay with you forever.


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