When you meet someone who is different than anyone you met, you are incredibly insecure. You question him, but it’s not him you have to question, it’s the people from your past. After the last time, you swore that you would take better care.

You have sworn that you would not be tricked by anyone. You swore, the last time was the last time you left someone so close to you because every time in the past it has been heartbreaking.

But then you get to know someone who is different. Someone you do not want to let in just like that. Someone who makes it easy. And you’re trying to convince yourself that you do not find anything there. But no matter how hard you try to deny the obvious, you can not. Without even wanting it in the least, you fall in love …

Your head tells you not to do it, but your heart is already in it. And there is something that just feels different this time around.

11 signs that he is not like the rest of them:

1. He was honest with you from the beginning.

From the moment you first met him, he was somehow different. He called when he said he would do it. He sent you a message when he said he would do it. He stuck to the plan of which you spoke. He never got you to wonder how he feels or what his intentions are.

In the meantime, look for any sign he plays with you. But this time it’s not a game and your feelings are not just any pawn in his game.

2. He is slowly getting things started.

He has the best of the best and people are worth waiting for. He does not put you under pressure. He takes your hand and lets you show the way, and he’s just thankful that it’s his hand you hold.

3. His word is gold.

Phrases like, “I told you I will not do it.” Come in waves, as if it would be so easy to say something you mean and go through it. And you can see how he feels guilty that you even questioned him.

4. He listens when you speak and remembers things.

There is silence when you tell him things, and he watches you as you take everything. He appreciated the fact that you trusted him and told him some of the hardest things. The next thing you know is that you want to tell him things that you have not even admitted to yourself.

But more than that, he remembers the little things mentioned in the conversation. Your favourite colour. Your favourite flower. Your favourite song.

5. He surprises you.

He’s always trying to put a smile on your face, even if he’s not there sometimes to see it. It’s the thoughtful gestures. The plans. Every little thing. He wants you to be happy, because so much of his happiness includes you.

6. He decides for you every day.

There is never a second thought or doubt about it.

7. He is proud to call you his own.

He wants to meet your friends. He wants to get to know your family. He wants to get involved and learn about the things that are important to you, because everything that means a lot to you now means a lot to him.

He is so glad to have you that he wants to show you all. With the many things he did wrong, or the people he hurt in his past, you’re the only thing he did right.

8. He supports you.

He is behind you in everything you do. It is surprising if someone is there, if you only took care of yourself. You’re afraid of trusting someone and relying on him, but something about his support and the fact that you’re Number One for him makes you realize you can.

9. He wants to hear about your past.

Everyone has a past. Everybody has bodies in the basement. Everyone has this ex who has ruined one. And when you tell him these things, he does not look at you as broken or as a mess. If anything, he is grateful for the mistakes that others have made in your past. For if they had recognized your value and treated you the way you deserve, none of you would have been here.

10. But he does not want to repeat it.

He wants to be the example of what you deserve, and he will never belittle or change that standard because you deserve the best, and it takes a rare person to see that and more than that.

11. He does not need to hurt you to recognize your value.

He knows exactly what you need.


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