Women born under the sign of Pisces have characteristics that make them perfect partners or friends: here are 11 qualities of their character that make them people to have for life!

1. They are fanciful people

Although some people are more seduced by the charm of the pictures, Pisces are led to think outside the box and are therefore always able to surprise.
As extremely creative people, they are constantly looking for original ways to impress and amaze others. Although it is not always easy to understand them, as you know them, you realize that even the means of showing affection and feelings is particularly creative. An example? It is much more likely that a Pisces woman will provide us with a playlist of songs filled with meaningful hidden messages instead of buying something “classic” from us.
It will not be a coincidence that many Pisces are writers, musicians or actors, right?

2. They are extremely sensitive

When talking to a Pisces woman, you need to be very careful about the words you use. The best way to fully understand a small fish is to understand its deepest passions. If he becomes too sensitive and emotional about something, it’s probably because he really cares about him. Hypersensitivity can be judged negatively, but it can also be an invaluable advantage: it’s certainly a characteristic that makes the Pisces woman very affectionate with the people who interest her and care about their needs.

3. They are great thinkers

The Poisson woman is not known to be particularly instinctive. On the contrary: they think very carefully about any situation before taking action or making a decision. They assess the pros and cons and try to predict the consequences that his decisions could have on himself and on others.
Which is not bad at all: after all, a perfectly designed plan is already a perfectly successful plan!

4. They are romantic

The Pisces woman is by nature extremely romantic. Not only: he likes to be in love.
One of his dreams is to be “overwhelmed by an unusual destiny”, it is a wave of love and romance with which to devour all his waking dreams and his fervent imagination …

5. They are always present

No matter where in the world we are: the Pisces woman will be heard through calls, messages, discussions and in every possible way. Not intrusively: just with a “How are you?” », A comment flirt or by posting the link towards a funny article.
Some people facing these attitudes may wish to escape with their legs tied. But make no mistake: women in love with fish are not sticky, they just want to make them feel that their presence is constant. Keeping in touch throughout the day, despite his shyness, is his way of communicating his intention to stay in the neighbourhood for a while and to be different from most other women.

6. They are deep

Communicating with a Pisces woman may not be the easiest thing in the world, sometimes because of her thoughts which can take unexpected and complex paths. Being able to understand and communicate with a small fish requires following the path of the wind in his thoughts. Not easy, but certainly extremely fascinating…

7. Gives value to simplicity

The Pisces woman loves simple pleasures. Yes: she likes spending time with friends, for example, who usually form a close circle of loved ones rather than an unlimited crowd; if she was invited to a date, she might prefer a simple dinner at a restaurant crowded where you can’t even move your elbows. This does not mean that he disdains more elegant occasions when necessary: ​​balance is the key to making him happy.

8. They are loyal

It is rather unusual for the Poisson woman to leave a relationship, be it a friendship or a love story. As an element of which its sign is a part, water adapts itself from time to time to the characteristics of the container and consequently to the relationship that we find alive. Being with a Pisces woman or having her as a friend can not always be simple, but it will give us a certainty: it will be by our side forever. His happiness will be inextricably linked to the desire to make the other happy.

9. They are protective

A Pisces woman can get involved for those who love: she can reach us wherever we are to help us when we are walking with the car, with 5% cell phone battery and completely without money, even 4 hours from morning. Not only that: it will also find the right words to console us and make us smile. When they realize that the people they love feel vulnerable, they intervene – cancelling any other commitment if necessary – to be with them. Pisces woman next door, it’s impossible to feel alone. Wherever you are in the world.

10. They are intuitive

Pisces never neglects their instincts and feelings, to the point of being able to “feel” when something is wrong. If we have a problem, we have had a bad day, or if we come home too late and risk being having problems with our partner, we don’t even try to lie to him. He would surely find us.

11. They have the ability to do anything

* Pisces women have the innate ability to spread a magical halo on anything. They are nice and elegant and their entourage counts on them to soften the rest of the world around them.


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