10 Things You Didn’t Know About Fire Signs

To start, you have to know that the signs are organized by the four natural elements: fire, earth, water, and air. The signs that belong to the same element have many things in common, so it is not surprising that they agree very well with each other and that the signs that share the same element are very compatible. The fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius and here are the 10 things that you probably didn’t know about them:


  1. They are the most responsible signs of the Zodiac

They are the first to party, to go on a trip, to be away from home all day, yes, but when they have to do their things and fulfill their responsibilities they do it, first of all. The signs of fire do not wait for things to happen, they do not wait for luck to fall from the sky as if nothing. No, they are more about going out to look for it and working to make things happen. They will not leave for tomorrow what they can do today. You can fully trust them when they promise to do something because they will surely do it sooner than you expect.

  1. They are more intuitive than you imagine

It is said that the most intuitive signs are those of water, perhaps a little also those of air, but the intuition of those of fire is also quite strong. They are very impulsive signs, which get carried away a lot and most of the time they act paying attention to their instincts and intuition. The difference in the intuition of the signs of fire with that of others is that it only applies to themselves. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are rarely giving lessons or advice to others based on what their intuition tells them. Because they know that deep down they are no one to advise others.

  1. They have few friends, but many acquaintances

The truth is that these signs have no problem making friends and meeting new people. In crowded environments, they are in their sauce. In addition, they are usually very attractive people who attract a lot of attention and that is why they are always surrounded by people. Come on, you just need to look at the phone of one of them and you will realize that everyone wants to talk to them. Of course, trust few people. Because they know that quality is better than capacity. They can say that he has many friends or that he knows many people, but then at the moment of truth, they only have three or four people at most.

  1. They love to send

The signs of fire came into the world to be great leaders, no matter what. They came to send, to put an order, to impose their ideas. They do not do it with bad intentions, but it is true that there are times that can become a bit imposing and go from bossy. They know they have a lot of power, they know that everyone looks at them and therefore, they want to take advantage of the influence they have.

  1. They are extremely honest

Which is usually a great virtue, but others, without a doubt, can become a defect. Every now and then your sincerity and honesty are appreciated, mostly because today people are used to lying and hiding the truth. The signs of fire will tell you things as they are, without makeup. If they don’t like how you’re dressed or how you have something left, they won’t be afraid to tell you. The problem is that they do not have any type of filter and they do not realize that there are times when their sincere words can hurt and hurt.

  1. They never depend on anyone

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are quite independent. If they want to do something, they will do it with or without your company. They are not like others who need even the approval of others to act. Although they like to surround themselves with people and be in the company, they also love spending time alone and being with themselves. They value freedom and, above all, their independence. They rarely ask others for help, not because they don’t want to or because they are cowards, but because they don’t need it. We always look for tricks and ways to solve their own problems.

  1. In love, they are very passionate people

Is that its own element, fire, is already saying everything … They are made of fire, heat, ashes, sparks and if that can be seen in their day to day, then imagine when they fall in love. They may not be very emotionally emotional, but they are intense when they feel something for someone. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius have huge hearts that beat much stronger than those of others. When they fall into emotions, they really fall into emotions. It is not something temporary or something that disappears from one day to another …

  1. They are rarely afraid of something

The fire signs are bold, but they are also brave. They are always ready to leave their comfort zone and try new things. They get bored very easily and that is why they are continually doing things to make their life much more exciting. They prefer to risk rather than fall into a boring routine in which they cannot be themselves. They are always thinking about what their next madness is going to be …

  1. They have a very very very dangerous character

The problem with the fire signs is that they immediately light up and when that happens, they cannot even control themselves. They can even become somewhat aggressive. It is not that they have a very changing mood, but as soon as they see something they do not like, it does not take a single minute to light up. The volcano of fire that inhabits its interior takes very little to ignite, to erupt and take away everything around it. You have to be very careful with the strong character of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The good thing is that anger lasts a short time …

  1. They also have fears, but they hide them very well

Although on the outside they seem the safest and strongest people in the universe, then they are afraid and insecure like every human. But unlike others, they make sure that nobody knows what their weaknesses or their most sensitive side are. They even try to convince themselves that they are strong, although they know it is not. You will rarely see him cry or collapse in public, but when they get home and are left alone everything they have been accumulating comes to light …

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