People who have a shuffling walk.
People who never call back.
Broken remote controls.
When animals are trapped in cages.
People who have private problems on the Internet.
People who talk about “hot porridge” and do not get to the point.
Bad dancers who think they are good at it.
People who cannot behave according to the occasion.
When trains, buses, and planes are late.
Pop music.


People who are disorganized.
Ripped clothes.
Bad cooks.
Bad manners in public.
People who speak loudly.
People who don’t use deodorant.
To be laughed at.
Feeling that you are not intelligent enough in a situation.
Bad food and an unbalanced ratio of quality and price.


People who have no sense of humor.
If you don’t get the attention you deserve.
Broken alarm clock because you sleep through.
Bad cocktails.
Uncomfortable shoes.
People who speak slowly.
People who walk too slowly.
People who are always dependent on others.
People who are unable to handle new modern devices.


Early riser.
Wool and other substances that itch on the skin.
Sleep on the couch or an uncomfortable bed.
People who have no fashion sense.
People who constantly criticize others.
Films that are overly violent.
Ungrateful people.
If you lose your sunglasses.
People who rob you of your strength.


People who have a better taste than you when it comes to fashion.
People who drive a better car than you.
If you are ignored.
People who make others jealous for no reason.
Cool people.
People who want to force you to go to church.
Forced to spend the day indoors on a sunny day.
People who tell you to slow down.
If you are not allowed to flirt.


Messy people.
People who never call you back even though you remind them.
People who are always late.
People who never take responsibility.
Don’t bring people back the things they borrowed.
Wasting time with unnecessary things.
People who don’t master grammar.
People who swear excessively.
Public emotional outbursts.
Stand up comedians who are not funny.


People who say “turn the music down”.
People who pretend to be better people than they really are.
Dogs in parks.
Animal cruelty.
People who don’t care about friendships.
One-night stands.
Bad hairstyles.
Addictions of any kind, especially drugs.
The inability to be polite.


People who borrow something and only give it back to your memory.
Pending people.
A partner who makes you jealous for no reason.
If someone is better at something than you.
People who play with food.
To be at the center of rumors.
When someone accuses you of being unfaithful.
People who follow every trend.
Wizards, clairvoyants, hypnotists and everyone else who thinks they have any powers.
People who occupy two parking spaces.


People who keep complaining.
Places where there are extremely many people.
Sick fellow travelers.
People who are afraid to take a risk.
Having said that you can’t handle money.
People who always want to be right.
Lost luggage.
Animal Cruelty.
People who have a small horizon.


People who brag about money but never donate anything.
To lend money.
People who don’t keep their promises.
People with no vision for their lives.
Parents who don’t bring up their children well.
Leave the toothpaste tube open.
A bad haircut.
Men and women are obsessed with their own looks.
Lazy people.
To take the blame for something you haven’t done.


Boring people.
Talking about the past.
Petty people.
People who only talk about theory but never really concern themselves with anything.
Lack of loyalty.
Dirty hands.
A primitive way of thinking.
When someone has high expectations.


Draw people’s attention with a hysterical laugh.
People who never have arguments but always want to discuss it.
Unbearable heat.
Slow motorists.
Animal cruelty.
To interfere in the lives of others.
To be cruel to children.
Not caring about the environment.

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