After a while, the marriage becomes boring because one is stuck in a routine.

We are stuck doing the same things again. And it’s the biggest kills-love between two people.

It slowly kills the intimacy that is the foundation of any successful relationship. Okay, she is not completely faded either.

There are always times when you can not let go of each other, but these moments become less and less frequent over the years.

You do not have to be afraid if it happens because it’s normal!

When you live with the same person for a while and you know how she behaves and what her routine is, it is normal that after a while the excitement disappears.

Even if it happens, there is a way to dodge it. You must take your time and try to rebuild the passion with your partner, and thus raise the level of intimacy in your relationship.

If you do not do this, it is likely that your relationship will fail.

You can both endure the lack of excitement and boredom in a relationship for a while, but after a while it gets frustrating.

This is how you will increase your level of intimacy and keep your relationship alive and brighter than ever. The most important thing is that you both invest.

1. Be grateful to your spouse

Be grateful to your spouse and what he does. Maybe you’re not on the same wavelength as him right now, maybe you do not like what he’s doing, but if they’re trying to give the best of themselves then you must be grateful to him for that.

Make him understand that you respect the fact that he makes an effort. This will give him a pat on the back and he will be able to do even bigger things.

A person must have a starting point and, by encouraging them, they will get even more results than they thought they could.

And by making them feel recognized, you will increase your level of intimacy.

Your partner will thank you for your support and will reimburse you by opening up and showing you more emotions.

2. Sleep without dress after romance

love is not the only form of intimacy you can live together.

It’s perfect, it’s nice, but it does not always involve emotions and love.

Sometimes love is used to bring things out of the system and let off steam.

If this happens often, the only way to increase your level of intimacy is to try to share your emotions.

And there is a way to do it. After making love, lie naked next to each other.

Be quiet and cuddle if you want. But do not let that feeling go.

Keep it and enjoy it. This will increase your intimacy and give a new twist to your relationship.

3. Remember good times and look to the future

Take this dusty wedding album off the shelf. Wipe it, and relive your happy memories.

The pictures of your biggest day will take you back to the days when you were crazy about each other and where you could not pass each other.

Or if you’re not married, try to remember the good times – from your first date or some of the funny or unusual things that happened to you when you just started dating.

It will bring back that old feeling of happiness, this honeymoon phase, and you will get closer to each other.

Just talking about the things you’ve done and the places you’ve been together, may be driving something crazy and exciting that comes to mind and you’ll decide to do it again or you’ll decide to recreate something romantic or fun that you have done once before.

Either way, the intimacy will improve, and it will keep your relationship alive.

4. Keep eye contact

Never avoid eye contact with your partner. The eyes are the mirrors of the soul, and you can learn to know everything about someone with a single look in your eyes because the eyes do not lie.

Looking in your eyes, you will create a link that does not break easily. The eyes reflect our vulnerability, and they give so much more than we want to admit.

So, sometimes, when you do not want to tell your partner everything that concerns you, or you simply can not, one look in the eyes will be enough to make him understand what you are going through.

Make it a normal thing. Try to keep eye contact in silence for a few minutes each day, and you will see everything you learn from each other without even saying a word.

5. Laugh together

Share some laughs. Open your soul and your heart, and roll over the ground laughing. Nothing can bring you closer to each other than that.

It’s an experience you share together. It only lasts a moment, and it will never happen again, at least not in the same way.

You will remember the time when you tease, and it will always remain a happy memory that will put you in the face of months after.

In this way, you create links with that person and you increase your level of intimacy because you both share something that is strictly between you two and no one else.

6. Leave small words

S*xy, romantic, all kinds of little words. Surprise your spouse before going to work and write him a word.

It does not have to be something important, just write it on a piece of paper.

A reminder that you are there in his life and that you love him more than anything.

We are tired of screens and text messages. Do something old-fashioned like writing a poem or leaving a word on the mirror.

Or if you feel naughtier than usual, write on a piece of paper your list of s*xual desires and how you feel right now, and let him ask for more. Believe me, when you come back, he’ll be crazy about you.

7. Keep going out

Always keep this spark alive and find time for both of you. Whether you are married or engaged, you need to create time just for both of you.

You have to find the time to chat, to laugh or to cry.

The important thing is that you are both alone and that you feel free to open up and talk about everything without being disturbed.

8. Romance in a public place

Just thinking about it is exciting. Doing it in a public place will certainly bring excitement to your relationship.

If you have not tried and your relationship is getting boring, go for it and do it.

On the other hand, being afraid to get caught at this time will bring you even closer.

And if you get caught, you’ll always have something to laugh about later.

9. Break the routine

Routine is the biggest enemy of any successful relationship. We lock ourselves in, slowly, the days are alike, we get tired and we want to leave.

This is the most common killer-love of all relationships. So, to keep things on track, try to do something different from time to time.

Bring change to break the routine, and you will not get tired of your relationship.

10. Do you love, and respect each other

You will be happy with your relationship once you are happy with yourself.

If you are not satisfied with yourself and do not respect yourself, your spouse will do the same.

The negative energy you radiate will be transferred to your spouse.

That too, it risks to fuck your privacy. If things are not clear between you, you can not continue to communicate.

And if there is no communication, intimacy can not grow.

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