10 things an introverted girl wants from you

Being an introverted woman simply means that this person needs peace and solitude to recharge their batteries.

This kind of woman is thoughtful, often in her thoughts. And, her inner world can often take over what is going on around her.

This is why being in a relationship with an introverted woman can sometimes be difficult. Indeed, she has requirements that are different from those of a woman who has a more extroverted behavior.

Thus, to make an introverted woman want to open up and come out of her cocoon to make room for a man in her life, you must have altruistic human qualities.

So what does an introverted woman want from a man? How is he supposed to behave with his partner?

How to conquer the heart of an introverted woman?

Winning the heart of an introverted woman is far from easy. Indeed, you will need patience and endurance.

An introverted woman doesn’t open up easily, and she tends to stay on her toes until she’s completely sure she can trust her man.

So what does she expect from you? What are the character traits you need to have to captivate her and put her in confidence?

1. Effort

She wants you to fight for her. So, if she doesn’t show you right away, it’s because she wants to see if you’re going to make an effort to pursue her, to seduce her.

In fact, by holding back from giving you everything, she pushes you to try to get to know her better.

She wants you to dig deep into her soul and get closer to her both physically and emotionally.

If she pushes you away, you have to come back even stronger. And, even though she asks you to leave her alone, she actually wants you to stay by her side.

In short, she wants you to fight for her because an introverted woman doesn’t have the strength to love a man who won’t return his love.

Indeed, she has burned herself in love with them far too many times.

2. L’initiation

An introverted woman sometimes needs you to take the lead. So, she wants you to initiate calls, date nights, and important conversations.

Otherwise, she’ll just listen to you talk about your life. But she’s not looking for that kind of relationship.

Indeed, she wants to check if you take care to get to know her and take an interest in her.

Are you as invested as her? This is the question she wants to answer.

Indeed, the main reason that pushes her to wait for you to take the first step is because she is afraid of scaring you off if she tries to initiate anything.

3. Security

With you, she wants to feel protected. She wants to know that she is in good hands.

If you’re not the monogamous type or if you’re talking with ten other girls at the same time, don’t waste his time.

Don’t tell her you like her if you don’t really want to have a romantic relationship with her.

And, above all, do not dangle a promise of a future together if you know perfectly well that it will never happen.

An introverted woman needs to feel safe to thrive. She wants to know that she is the only woman in your life and that you are serious about your intentions towards her.

4. Attention

An introverted woman always tries to hide who she really is. She very rarely shows her feelings.

But, if you pay enough attention to her, she will open up to you more easily. Indeed, if you show her that you sincerely want to know her, she will feel at ease.

So she’s going to allow herself to be honest and frank with you. So, if you really want to get to know this kind of girl, you have to be willing to give her some attention.

Not just a listening ear from time to time! You have to really listen to her and ask her personal questions so she understands that she’s safe and that you genuinely care about her.

5. Comfort

An introverted woman doesn’t need big gestures of kindness to show her you care.

On the other hand, she needs to be reassured and comforted with small gestures of daily life.

It’s those little moments of tenderness that will set you apart from the other men in her life.

For example, you can send him a message to ask him how his day went or to remind him of an important appointment with the doctor.

You can even call her to let her relax after a long day at work.

In short, she just wants to know that you are there for her, in good times and bad.

6. Honesty

She became introverted because men lied to her too often. Indeed, she trusted the wrong people and, because of that, she suffered.

So now she demands the truth. Even if it hurts, even if it’s ugly. The only way to get this girl to let her guard down is to be completely candid.

She needs you to be sincerely honest with her, especially when it comes to your feelings.

She wants to know how you feel, what you think and what you plan to do. But, she doesn’t want you to embellish things.

7. Understanding

An introverted woman needs to know that you understand her background and why she’s been withdrawn.

Admittedly, she freaks out over unimportant details. But, you must be aware of the fact that his fears were caused by disappointments in love.

Indeed, she has had her heart broken way too many times. So she erected protective walls to act as defense mechanisms for her heart.

But, all this is only a role. Indeed, she took on this role in order to no longer be hurt or disappointed.

In short, she wants you to understand her pain and her heart. It is an imperative in his eyes!

8. Consistency

She wants to be sure that you don’t just say things on the spur of the moment. Indeed, an introverted woman wants to be sure that she can trust you.

So, if you say one thing today but do the opposite the next day, she will quickly understand that she cannot count on you.

You have to be consistent and, above all, you have to keep your promises. Don’t sell her dreams just to get something from her.

Because if you’re planning on leaving as soon as you realize she’s fallen in love with you, you might as well leave right away.

Don’t make her suffer for nothing, she doesn’t deserve this!

9. Vulnerability

This woman is introverted so to feel comfortable with you, she needs you to be honest and vulnerable about your true personality.

Indeed, she wants to make sure that you are able to be yourself when you are with her, without any restraint.

Why ? Quite simply because if you are vulnerable with her, she will feel more comfortable with the fact that she herself is vulnerable.

So she won’t hide her feelings anymore. In fact, she wants you to tear down your protective walls first, to lead her by example so she can see that you’re not just another man out to break her heart.

10. Action

By the title, you may have thought that I was talking about the action under the duvet. If an introverted woman needs love like any other woman, here I am talking about something else.

Indeed, this woman needs you to prove by your actions that you are a consistent and honest man.

So she’s not just going to listen to what you say, she’s also going to follow what you do to see if your words and behavior are in harmony.

In fact, she will not look for clues in your text messages but rather in your attitude, in concrete evidence.

Unfortunately, she learned in the worst way that words can easily be deceiving.

As a result, she only relies on what she sees concretely to draw conclusions about your character and your sincerity.

10 things an introverted girl wants from you

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