10 things a man does after breaking up

Written by a man. Men are not robots. They have feelings, they feel pain, anger, and devastation. And when they are abandoned by a girl whom they considered their soul mate, they also suffer, and this is how:

1. They can cry.

Yes true. It’s not direct to sob and burst into tears, but they can start a tear. Maybe at the end of the day, when they fall asleep alone in bed. Maybe at work when everyone has already gone home. And this is normal. It is human.

2. They often recall the past.

Everything starts to remind her. He can sit and watch football with friends, suddenly remembering how she hated the sport and chatted all the time during the match. Then it annoyed him, but now he even misses it.

3. They give vent to anger.

He is angry with himself, with her, with circumstances and life. He can tear old photos, burn her dress, break her toothbrush – he needs to put his anger somewhere.

4. They are saved in the gym.

They just want to forget, to direct energy in a different direction, to tire themselves so much so that they no longer think about anything.

5. They sleep a lot.

Parting can greatly deplete a man emotionally. He can just get stuck at home: wake up, play video games, eat in bed and fall asleep again.

6. They beg the girl to return.

It’s hard for men to let go. And this happens to everyone when he comes to the ex and asks to give them a chance, saying that she breaks not only his heart but also the heart of his mother, who is already waiting for her grandchildren.

7. They recall previous exes.

In order to somehow reanimate the hurt ego, a man can communicate with his other exes to make sure that they are not forgotten, that maybe someone else will behave on them. After all, with a completely new girl, I do not want to forget.

8. They resort to bad habits.

When a man is in despair and he no longer feels responsible for himself and his girlfriend, he can go to extremes: go into a binge, sit out money for slot machines, etc.

9. They do everything that the former hated.

As if trying to take revenge on the former, the man begins to do everything that she did not like, even if she never finds out about it. And if he finds out – so much the better. He is simply trying to prove to himself that he can do what he wants as if he is better without her.

10. They drive for hours.

Just to unwind, to forget, or maybe vice versa – to visit those places where they walked together, just to say goodbye and let go.



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