It very often happens that when a relationship ends, there is always the one person who doesn’t really want the love story to be over. This person still has strong feelings, but unfortunately, they are not returned, but the person concerned is rewarded with the “EX” title. Regardless of your feelings, sometimes you can’t keep the person you want the most and that’s really caustic.

But in some cases, your ex really wants to get back together with you and start over or do the things that he did wrong the first time.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to read his mind and know what he really wants? Imagine you could get a quick counsellor to tell you what your ex thinks or feels.

And here they are: The 10 signs that show that your ex desperately wants you back

1. Reminder of the old days

If you’re still in touch with your ex, that’s a big sign that things between you two aren’t over yet. Another obvious sign that your ex wants you back is the memory of the old days.

Usually, when your ex tries to remind you of all the good times, it means that they wave the white flag. He gives up the fight against you. It also means that he wants you to forget why you broke up.

If he reminds you of all the times that you laughed together or the stupid things that you did that got you into trouble, then at the same time he awakened the feeling of love within you that you were in these moments for felt it. Because once your barriers break and you stop being angry, the mission your ex had was accomplished.

2. He is working on himself

The only mission an ex has after you split up is to look better. It could also be the case that he works on himself to please another woman. The reason could also be that he finally decided to take your advice and go to the gym. But in the end it may also be that he finally decided to change his job or his appearance.

If your ex changes things that you didn’t like so much, that’s a really big tell-tale sign that he’s trying to get you back.

3. What-if questions

If your ex wants you back, he’ll offer a million options that could be different in your relationship. He will ask you so many “what if” questions that will make you think about your future.

These questions will make you think about what would have happened if he hadn’t made the mistakes he made if you hadn’t pushed too hard, and God knows what else. The only goal that these questions have is to imagine your future together and to start thinking about it again.

4. He contacts again

If you think he is talking to you or sending you messages all the time because he wants to tell you how angry he is, you are completely wrong. If he were so angry, he would never have sent you a message.

He’ll get back to you because that’s part of his plan to get you back. Over time, he will contact you daily and before you even notice, he will try to bring your relationship back to life. He’ll look for the usual excuses to get back in touch with you.

Such as. he suddenly remembered something you shared, he saw something that reminded you of you, or suddenly he is interested in how your day has passed. If it looks like you two are communicating more than you have in the relationship, then his plan is coming true.

5. He admits the blame

He would never have admitted a mistake before. No matter what the reason for the argument, your ex would have died rather than blamed himself. And now that you’ve split up, your ex has no problem blaming himself.

Perhaps that is exactly what the original problem was between you, and maybe you are now starting a conversation as two decent people. Your ex-partner has probably thought about everything and recognized the mistakes made. There is a possibility that he loved you like crazy and still loves you so that when he lost you he had the time it took to recognize his mistakes. Now that he knows what it’s like to lose you, he’ll make sure he never makes the same mistake twice. And ultimately it will lead to him admitting his guilt.

6. He has something to talk about all the time

It could be that you keep saying to yourself: “This is the last time I spoke to this man” and in the end, you talk to your ex again.

If your ex wishes to have you back in his life, he will try everything to maintain communication between you. He will always have something new to say or ask, and that will be the way to keep in touch with you. Your ex wants you to get used to his constant messages and phone calls.

This way it is easier for him to know what you want, what you need and what you feel. This is the essential information that he needs in his mission to win you back.

7. He actively follows you on social networks.

It could be that you were apart in good conditions and that you did not delete each other from the friend’s list. But if you realize that he’s really active on your profiles, it could also be that your relationship might still have a second chance.

While you were in a relationship, you didn’t get as many likes and comments from him as you do now. He is more active than ever. You can see how he checks your Instagram stories or leaves a “like” on your pictures. If your ex really wants you back, his name will always appear in your notifications.

8. He talks to you about your friends.

If your ex wants you back, he’ll try to constantly mention you to your mutual friends or to the people you sometimes hang out with. He’ll tell you how great you are, how proud he is of you, how you were the best partner he ever had.

Your friends will tell you all this and your ex even knows it. It is a perfect way for him to stay in your life and show you how much he cares about you.

9. He tries to make you jealous or he stays single.

What is your ex’s relationship status? Does he have any one-night stand relationships just to make you jealous? Or, has your ex single stayed since you broke up? If your relationship lasted a long time and he stayed after all that single, it could be that he just wanted to rest to enjoy the freedom and single life.

But if this happens along with any of the other characters mentioned above, the reason why he’s single is pretty obvious.

If he happens to show up with a new woman in cafes where you often go (but he never really makes it coincidental), he only does it to make you jealous. He keeps talking about this woman, always mentioning her to you, not because he fell in love with her, but because he is madly in love with you and wants to see if you still feel something for him by doing something Show jealousy.

However, both of these signs show that he is either making you jealous enough to respond or that your ex is still waiting for you. If his relationship with the other woman isn’t serious, you’re the one he still wants.

10. He wants to be friends with you.

Being friends with the ex is a topic that has been discussed too often. It’s no longer a question of whether you should be or not – the question is whether your ex really just wants to be a friend.

There’s no reason to mention here that friendship with the ex almost always ends the same way – in most cases, these people get back together with their ex-friends. And your ex wants you so much that he suggests something so obvious.

He might really want you as a friend by his side, but there is little chance that this will happen. Most of the time, ex-friends suggest remaining friends because that way they are still in your life and it is much easier to get you back.


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