Some men are really not ready for a relationship and some men use that as an excuse to gently and gently abandon a woman. You can always tell if the man is not ready for a relationship, or if he’s just not ready for a relationship with you. It may be hard to accept this idea first, but it is the truth.

Here are 10 signs that he is ready for a relationship, but not with you.

1. He took the trouble to chase you in the beginning, but then stopped.

If he chased you and tried to impress you, it means that he was really interested in you and wanted to meet you to see if he could be in a relationship with you. If he suddenly retired without good reason, he either lost interest or realized that you two were not compatible.

2. He prefers to be with his friends, rather than you.

It means that he is not so busy and has time to go out to see you or to be in a relationship – but he clearly chooses to spend time with someone other than yourself.

3. He is a good friend, but he does not show you this page.

If he’s a popular guy and his friends love him, it means he’s probably a good person. If he does not demonstrate these qualities to you, then he will not try to win you over or show you how great he really is.

4. He is a curious person, but he does not try to learn more about you.

Being curious by nature or curious about the world means that he will blindly follow his curiosity when he really wants to get to know someone or something. If he is not curious to meet you, then you have not fascinated him enough.

5. He’s after what he wants, but he’s not after you.

If he is successful and clever, then he probably knows how to get what he wants. It also means that he is able to be with someone else, and if he does not bother with you, he does not value you as much as he needs to to make it work.

6. He does not see you the way you look at him.

You just do not see it in his eyes. The eyes are the window to a man’s heart and the only thing men can lose control of. If you do not see it in his eyes or he looks at you like any other girl does … then that’s a warning sign that his eyes are wandering in a different direction.

7. He is always there for his family and friends, but not for you.

That means he is an upright man and knows what to do in difficult situations. If he does not do the same to you, he has decided to stay out of your life.

8. He already had other long-term relationships.

If he’s been in a long-term relationship before, that means he knows how to bond with someone, but he’s waiting for the right person. Even if he’s been hurt before, it does not mean he’s having attachment problems or giving up love. He is just waiting for the right person.

9. He is not a player or a womanizer.

If he is not a player, he probably wants to settle down. So, if he does not seek to build or develop a connection with you, it’s a sign that he does not believe you’re the right person for him, or maybe he does not think he’s the right person for you ,

10. His friends say that he is ready for a relationship.

The last and most obvious sign is what his friends say. If his closest friends say he’s ready, or that he’s looking for someone to settle with – then believe them. They know what they are talking about.


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