10 signs a Pisces man is about to break up with you

Trying to find out if a Pisces man is going to leave you is never an easy task.

Especially since the moments you spend with a Pisces man are among the most beautiful and valuable that you can experience.

Still, these men’s emotional lives can be overwhelming and they are easily influenced by selfishness and have to flee to another reality when things get difficult.

A Pisces man will only stay in a relationship as long as things feel right and they are free from worry and pain while in the relationship.

Many of them have a similar pattern of behavior before they finally decide to abandon their partner.

Breaking up with them can also be one of the most traumatic experiences because these men can easily feel like “the right one”.

It’s hard to believe that a Pisces man is not your soul mate because they are the perfect partners when it comes to making you feel safe and at home.

A Pisces man will also want a partner with whom he can realize his dreams and who is very considerate of his emotional sensitivity.

When a problem arises, he will not be willing to argue about it all the time, just mentioning it once, and if you continue he will take it as a warning and disrespect.

Their emotional needs and actions should be understood, and they will need a lot of forgiveness, especially if they make a mistake.

So if your partner gives you an ultimatum, you won’t feel safe or happy in a relationship.

So, if your Pisces man is showing signs that he is about to leave you, give him the time and space to reconsider that decision.

Ultimately, he may even reconsider this decision, but be careful about taking it back because he is a man who often selfishly holds out his partner just because he feels a certain feeling about it.

1. He might become more aloof than usual and avoid you

Even if the Pisces man is one of the hardest people to understand in the zodiac, it is a clear sign that something is wrong.

So, a Pisces man who is considering leaving will be preoccupied with anything but you.

You will often hear him say that he is tired, busy, or out with friends, and he will avoid any meaningful contact with you.

He will respond with short messages and slowly begin to disappear to avoid any kind of confrontation.

The Pisces man is also not the type of breakup man, he prefers to avoid and ignore someone until he gets the message.

2. He spends most of his time with his friends


The Pisces man may not replace you with another woman right away, but he will be with his friends more often.

You may find that he spends more time with you than usual and uses every opportunity to go out instead of being home.

This mainly happens because he is overwhelmed by his feelings and he is meeting with friends to push the reality of the situation instead of thinking about how much he wants to part with you.

So he basically takes refuge in a more comfortable environment in order to forget the problem and the responsibility that weighs on him.

This social interaction makes them feel more comfortable and may even be closer to making the decision to remove any kind of romantic responsibility from their life.

3. The Pisces man leaves his partner on a gentle note

Pisces men are selfish in some ways, but they don’t really enjoy hurting and disappointing others.

They are natural healers, and men of this zodiac sign have reasonably warm energy that feels almost maternal.

Even so, they feel guilty when they can’t love someone back, and especially when they have given someone false hopes.

So when a Pisces man leaves you, he does so by quietly swimming away, leaving nothing but emptiness and regret.

They may not stab your back like scorpions, but that doesn’t mean the breakup hurts any less.

4. Pisces man will still act like your best friend

Even if the Pisces man breaks up or plans to break up with you, he will still take care of you in some way.

It might also be difficult to get a straight answer from him as to why he even wants to break up at this point.

They’ll care somehow, but at the same time they’ll be upset about something or pretending to have lost interest.

This leaves you wondering what is really going on in her head and what made her leave the relationship.

So, they’ll be giving rather simple reasons without trying to explain the complex reasons that got them to break up with you.

5. Pisces man makes you feel like there was no real reason to break up

Pisces are gentle and emotional people who don’t like to leave others in pain.

So even if you have decided to break up, you will do so in the gentlest way possible.

You will not start an argument, you will simply be disinterested and reluctant.

On the other hand, they will also be careful not to provoke an aggressive reaction for fear that you will hate or judge them.

This behavior is also related to their need to be liked and accepted by others so that they try to remain a “good person” even if they break up.

6. You may feel like you never really knew him

Even though the Pisces man is emotional, sensitive, and caring, he has a dark side that you don’t know about.

He could blaspheme you behind your back, complain to friends about why he wanted to leave you.

Something considered his worst trait, because instead of asking his partner, he’s looking for reasons in other people.

You have probably seen why certain traits you have will be a problem for them in the future, but they won’t even bring them up.

Instead of being rational, they will say that you are the best possible partner but that they just have to let you go because something is wrong in their head right now.

7. They make you feel like you don’t know what to expect from them

Pisces can be one of the best men to be in a relationship with, but also the worst at the same time.

They are the most unpredictable men in the zodiac and you never know when they will change their feelings.

These men can pretend one day they love you more than anything in the world and the next day they hated you all the time.

So don’t be surprised if one day they just wake up and tell you that they have run out of feelings for you.

This makes a relationship with a Pisces man really unpredictable and lacks any kind of stability.

8. He will give you cause for concern

If a Pisces man wants to break up, you will soon feel it because he will give you cause for concern.

His behavior will strike you so unexpectedly that you will find it difficult to adjust to it so quickly.

All you will see is an empty shell of the person who was once your loving Pisces friend, and that can be very traumatic.

Imagine someone giving you all their warmth and love only to tell you that they are feeling different now.

A breakup with the zodiac sign Pisces is not only traumatic, but is also accompanied by a long period of worry before the breakup actually happens.

9. You will see by his body language that he has lost interest

Pisces men are loving, romantic, and they like to cuddle and hug the object of their affection.

So, if you’ve noticed that when the two of you break up, your Pisces man won’t even hug you anymore, it’s because he doesn’t feel the need to do so.

His body language is directly related to his feelings, and even when he acts and lies, he cannot hide his true emotions.

Pisces man in love looks at you with a twinkle in his eyes, he smiles while he is apparently happy.

While a Pisces man who no longer loves you has a pain in his eyes and acts like he would rather be somewhere other than yours at this moment.

10. He will tell you that he has no feelings for you if you ask him

A Pisces man will never hurt you directly or admit to you that he has no feelings for you.

So under pressure and after you’ve asked him 100 times why he’s behaving so differently than usual, he’ll collapse.

He will admit that he has no feelings and that he worries that the relationship will work.

So the Pisces man will justify fooling you for “trying to love you”.

While many of us know very well that he did it because he wanted to exploit the relationship to the max before finally ending it.


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