1. Scorpions are faithful.

Scorpions are truly the most faithful of all the signs of the zodiac. Scorpions are very passionate people and devoted to everything they do. The same goes for their relationships. They are eager to show you that you can always count on them. It takes them time to trust you and accept you in their tight circle. Once you have gained their trust, you will have a deep connection and will likely be friends. loved ones for life. Scorpions are dedicated and prefer to spend time with a best friend over a huge group of acquaintances.

2. You can learn a lot from a Scorpion.

There is a lot to discover on a Scorpion. They are certainly not an open book, by any means, and tend to be very mysterious and secretive. Each time you go out with a Scorpion, you have the opportunity to learn more about them, which can keep you beware and create an exciting relationship. Under all layers, Scorpions can be intensely emotional and often times are dictated by their feelings. It can be nice to know more about them and move their layers back to see the Raw emotion hidden beneath their cool exterior. Your Scorpion friends have a lot to offer. You should consider yourself fortunate to have come to know the inner thoughts and feelings of such a unique individual.

3. Scorpions will always encourage you to follow your dreams.

The scorpions are super united! They believe in you, even if sometimes you don’t believe in yourself. If you have a hard day and want to give up your goals, you should turn to your Scorpion friends! Scorpions love to be there to get you back when you feel depressed. They can give you the encouragement you need to feel confident in following your dreams. So get ready to soak up their motivating discussions of encouragement.

4. The scorpions are determined.

Scorpions are very determined people and they never give up! They also have a deep understanding of their place in the world. They work incredibly hard to earn what they want. Scorpions always try to gain respect, trust and loyalty in their careers as well as in their social life. They always want to do the work to get what they want in Instead of just thinking they deserve it, so if you have a Scorpio friend in your life, prepare to feel more motivated and motivated to make your dreams come true too. Your Scorpion friend will root you anyway, so find out what you want in life!

5. Scorpions always know the truth.

Scorpions are amazing to see after BS in life. They know when someone is lying to them and don’t tell them the truth. Scorpions don’t tend to tolerate liars because of their attachment to honesty and to loyalty. If you are friends with a Scorpion, they will always protect you and also help you find the truth. Scorpions will always give you their honest opinion on everything, so they are a great friend to talk to when you need They are very direct and do not play games but they expect the same from you. As long as you are also honest and open with your Scorpion friends, you are bound by a beautiful friendship based on excellent communication.

6. Scorpions are very daring.

Scorpions are daring and defend themselves. They are not the ones who allow others to walk everywhere or enjoy them. By being friends with a Scorpion, you may feel encouraged to do the same; their daring could rub off on you and encourage you to defend yourself more often! Scorpions are not people you can blame for doing something because they will always say no if it doesn’t help them; if they don’t agree with someone, they will always talk about it. which is a great quality because if you are friends with a Scorpion, you will always know exactly what they think of you. Scorpions are very fierce people who tend to get what they want and do what they want. It can be very inspiring to see someone who lives life by their own rules and who supports what they believe in. Scorpions will always encourage their friends to stay firm in what they also believe in!

7. The scorpions are favourable.

If you’re going through a rough patch, know that your Scorpio friend has their backs and will always be there for you when you need them. Scorpions are very easy to talk to and will always make you feel comforted. They are proud to be your system. support and they can help you deal with your emotions. The next time you need assistance, turn to your Scorpio friend and you will notice how helpful he can be.

8. Scorpions know how and when to pay back a favour.

Scorpions never expect things to be delivered to them, so they are very grateful when people do them a favour. If you do something nice for a Scorpion, they will always remember it and they will do you a favour. It is great to be of service to the Scorpions because they always see it as a form of respect and a way to build trust in the relationship. The favours do not go unnoticed and they even enjoy doing the same to you to give it back to you. Being in a friendship that works on a database and taking makes it possible to form a really solid and healthy relationship.

9. Scorpions can find comfort in silence.

We have all been in situations where we spend time with someone and feel that we have to keep the conversation going. This feeling of having to fill in the silence, can sometimes be exhausting and not what you need in a friendship. .A great thing about Scorpions is that they don’t care about silence and can feel comfortable there. Although they have the ability to talk to you about anything, they don’t scorpions are the kind of friend you can sit in silence for a while having fun.

10. Scorpions are not afraid to discuss the dark things in life.

You can talk about everything with your friend Scorpio and he will not hesitate to dark matters. If you want to talk about your biggest fears or the mysteries of the universe, then a Scorpion would be a great person to talk to. openly discuss everything, without judgment. Scorpions can also dive right into the conversation and openly discuss their deepest fears and feelings. So prepare to have intense and deep discussions with the Scorpions you have in your life. !


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