10 reasons to keep you from continuing to have contact with him.

10 reasons to keep you from continuing to have contact with him.

For these 10 reasons, you shouldn’t reply to his messages

Somehow, you can’t really turn off this urge to answer him. You just have to write to him. But why is it like that? What do you get in contact with him? Can you clearly state what he is giving you that makes you write to him? Then you don’t need to read this article. But maybe you are secretly thinking about whether he is really worth it and whether he even deserves your effort. 

There are a few reasons that should keep you from continuing to have contact with him. If these 10 reasons come up, you shouldn’t reply to his messages.

1. He texts you when he is bored

Of course, you are happy when he texts you. But sometimes you are happy that he even gives a sign of life. If he often goes underground for days and does not contact you, this can indicate that he is just texting you out of boredom. You deserve something better!

2. He does not apologize for his wrongdoing

Has he hurt you in the past but not apologized for it? He probably doesn’t respect you or he doesn’t care about you. Some men act like this when they are not interested in a woman – even if it sounds harsh. 

3. He’s just looking for romance

Try to honestly reflect when he is writing to you. Do you think he cares how you are? Or is he just trying to find a moment to come over to stay with you? Maybe he really just wants your panties and doesn’t care about you as a person. Don’t waste your time with him!

4. Sometimes he answers tightly, sometimes not at all

If you’ve texted him more than five times a day and haven’t received a single reply, it’s definitely time to stop writing and understand the hint. There can be any number of reasons for this. If you’ve just met, he might not be that excited about you. Or maybe he’s in the middle of a busy day or taking the time to come up with the perfect answer. Although that is usually more of wishful thinking. Be honest about your texting behavior. Are you the one who always has to call in and keep conversations going? Then he didn’t deserve you.

5. He doesn’t want to see you

Have you met before? And if so, when was the last time? Maybe you barely see each other and he doesn’t take the initiative. How long should this go on? What is the point of contact if you don’t really get to know each other in real life? Maybe he’s just holding you up. In this case, you should pull the ripcord as soon as possible.

6. He takes advantage of your feelings

Maybe he just wants to benefit from the contact with you, but not give anything back. He’s probably just looking for a shoulder to cry on, or he’s always wanting more favors from you. He probably even knows that you feel something for him and he takes advantage of it. You are not his maid or his therapist. Do not let yourself be exploited!

7. He says something but doesn’t act like that

He may always say he’d like to see you soon, but he’ll never initiate a meeting with you. Have you been waiting for ages and he just keeps holding you up with his words? He’s probably just looking for something non-binding or in this case he just wants to hold you off. Maybe that’s why he’s just telling you what you want to hear. If his words don’t match his actions, you can assume he’s got something to hide.

8. It doesn’t stop at your limits

Maybe you are okay with his behavior. You think that you have no claims because you are not a couple yet. But you have it! You can set limits and you should! Because if you just let him push your limits again and again and never open your mouth, he will never be able to respect you. Maybe he’s getting romantic suggestive of you and you’re moving too fast? If he doesn’t respond to your admonitions, you should cut off contact immediately. This guy doesn’t seem to value you as a woman. Don’t let that do to you! You deserve a better man!

9. You often feel unhappy because of him

Maybe you are often unhappy because of him. You’re not really together, but you do see each other sometimes. You want more of it to develop, but somehow you get stuck. You have been stuck in this situation for a long time and constantly wonder what he is thinking or why he is not answering you. Of course, this situation makes you unhappy! He should reciprocate your feelings and be happy to have you by his side. If he can’t, don’t keep wasting your time with him!

10. Your intuition advises against it

The most important feeling a woman should always trust is her intuition. So how do you feel around him or when you text each other? Do you feel like this guy is just going to give you a hard life or that it won’t lead to anything? Most women are spot on with their gut feeling. Although your head is still trying to save the day through its analysis, you should rely on your intuition. You will find someone better who really deserves you!


10 reasons to keep you from continuing to have contact with him.

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