10 Incredibly annoying things that only happen when you have a crush on someone

This can also happen to the best of us …

As cool, successful adults, we don’t sweat because of the little things and have our lives fully under control. And then a perfectly shaped chin cheek comes by and turns the whole thing upside down. There is not a single feeling that is as exciting, annoying and frustrating at the same time as falling in love with someone as an adult.

A number of uncomfortable situations are 100% inevitable:

1. You lose the ability to fully concentrate on something.

Do you remember when you used your brain to think about important issues and analyze the world around you? These times are over now! Now your brain just wants to think about the text message your crush sent you last night, or repeat the time you kissed almost ten thousand times.

And you thought you’d do the job today? How lovely. Marry your crush and then maybe try again.

2. The part of your brain that remembers how to form coherent sentences simply disappears.

You are never as aware of everything that comes out of your mouth as when your crush is politely waiting for you to finish your sentence. You want to get to the point with “Don’t listen to me!” “I have no idea what to do with this sentence! You make me lose my concentration because you are incredibly attractive! Please stop it!”

3. When you write text messages, you become a 13-year-old again.

Each sentence ends with ‘lol’, because whatever it is, you don’t really care. You’re just kidding. You’re so relaxed. It doesn’t take more than 45 minutes to create this message carefully, lol.

4. You become aware of its external presence.

Before you got interested in that person, you didn’t care whether you were around them or not. If you are in the same room now, you always know exactly where your crush is in relation to you.

Is he usually that close to you? He doesn’t, does he? It is on purpose. Okay, you laugh and touch his hand now. ARE YOU APPLYING THE RIGHT PRESSURE? How long do you hold someone’s hand? Oh man, when did it all get so complicated?

5. You CAN’T be cool talking about this person.

A mutual acquaintance suggests that you invite your crush to go on an excursion, and you just say: “Oh right, this guy! I totally forgot that it exists. From my point of view it can also come, I would say. I have absolutely nothing against him. Hahaha. ”

6. You start to imagine him naked at completely inappropriate times.

Like when you hang out with him. And he looks at you directly. And you are 100% sure that you will blush, but it is too late to change the situation now. Embarrassing. Embarrassing.

7. You start evading him.

Seeing your crush in real life opens up a wide range of interaction opportunities and who knows where that could lead to? You certainly don’t want to find out. You will want to keep your crush right where it belongs – in your mind. There is no point in conflicting reality with your perfectly functioning imaginary relationship.

8. Your best friend starts trying to kill you.

Because every conversation you have is about this or that thing that your crush has said or done, and whether he likes you or not (he likes you, right?). You are stuck in the ultimate debate because you will not be convinced of anything until you have clear, concrete evidence – like when your crush finally takes the first step.

9. You become extremely paranoid when he sees something.

You must not mention the name of your crush, as long as your cell phone is not in your direct line of sight and you are 110% sure that you will not dial his number. When your crush finds out that you enjoyed your date with him, it’s clearly over, isn’t it?

10. And finally you make your way to the other side.

After a week or two of destruction, you see something incredible: you have stopped feeling totally insane! You can hang out with your crush and be cool! You no longer resemble an anxious cub every time it moves towards you! You were finally healed! That’s wonderful. That’s perfect. It’s good. And then he kisses you. And the whole process starts all over again …


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