10 damn good reasons why she left you in the end

You were too blind to see all the rescue signals she sent you. She really wanted to save your relationship and your love. But you never listened to her because you were busy with other things. And this indifference broke her fragile heart. Over and over again – because she loved you very much!

But then, in a moment, she decided to leave you because she wanted to prevent you from ruining her life. And if you ever wonder why she left you, here’s what she would tell you:

1. She left you for lack of love.

All she ever wanted was that you love her the way she loved you. She was crazy about you and infinitely in love with you. But you didn’t feel the same as them – you felt something different. For you, love was something that happened when it suited you and under the conditions you wanted. Your love was wrong and when she realized that, she decided to end the relationship.

2. She left because she had to fight for your attention.

She suffered every time you turned your attention to another pretty girl. But you swore that she is the most important person in your life. Is this the right way to treat the person you love most? I really don’t think so. Thank God she noticed that in time and decided to continue with her life alone.

3. She went because of emotional abuse.

She couldn’t take it that you abuse her. She couldn’t go on living with the toxic man you turned into, so she decided to escape this toxic relationship. And when she finally left you, she was really happy again.

4. She went out of lack of respect.

She didn’t want to argue with you every day. But for you, arguing was like saying “hello” – a normal thing that you did every day. Without getting tired, you just wanted to see her emotionally destroyed. You wanted to leave her without the strength she needed to get up and fight for herself. By running away, she saved herself from destruction. She knows that she deserves more respect.

5. She left you because you ignored her.

You just didn’t treat her like a woman you love, but like someone you just met and didn’t need to talk to. She knew that she deserves better and that her concept of love is completely different from anything you’ve shown her so far.

6. She left because she realized that she deserved more than an “almost relationship”.

She finally found out that you will never give her the love she desperately needed. She knew that a broken man like you would never be able to give his heart to her. She knew you were unable to let go of the demons from your past. And that’s why she decided to go ahead and live a decent life without you.

7. She left because she realized that a relationship is not a one-sided thing.

She knew that both partners had to make an effort for love to last. But you didn’t give her anything she longed for and that destroyed her whole world.

8. She left because you gave her every reason to do it.

Instead of loving and respecting them, you treated them like dirt. She was a woman to love, but you were too blind to see that. And that’s the only reason you’ll never be able to touch her again. You will not be able to sleep with her or watch her sleep. And all of that was your fault.

9. She left because she realized she was worthy.

One day she woke up and realized that you were telling her lies, not lies. She has stopped believing that she is no longer worthy. She saw how other people treated her with love and respect, and finally realized that she was more than enough.

10. She left because she no longer wanted to be checked.

She didn’t want to be someone you tell her what to do and where to go. She had her own life and wanted to enjoy it to the fullest. She was no longer blind to love, and she decided to take the first step into a new life without the agony she had to live with for so long.


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